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Software Engineer & Design Lead at Collaborizm
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How to Leverage Our Community.

The Collaborizm Community of over 121,000 Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Engineers, is an invaluable asset to Pro Service Customers building their apps and hardware.

What You Should Be Consistently Vetting

a) Technical Strategy & Implementation

Are My Freelancer & I maximizing the potential of our project?

Am I approaching my technical execution in an intelligent fashion?

Are there better ways to do what I’m doing?

Are there new ideas I want to field on each incremental step of my project?

b) Business Strategy

Do my goals and technical strategy align with my pathway to getting my prototype to market?

c) My Goals as an Entrepreneur

Do my goals and technical prototyping strategy align with the pathway to my next core business goal?

For Example, my prototype built for:

  • Customer Research?
  • Raising money from my Grandma and Uncle?
  • Raising money from professional angel investors?
  • Pitching talented full time teammates who are in high demand?
  • Selling small batches of my product to real customers?

d) Am I making mistakes?

e) Get Feedback on New Ideas

New idea? Not sure how it looks/should function? Hit the community with a new question.

How to Act

Make a public post to the community. (Start a Project to do so or simply post off your personal profile. We encourage projects.)

Dealing with IP and Ideas

We always encourage ideas to be open. However you can easily showcase what you want, and hide what you want, in these posts. Collaborizm was designed to accommodate not exposing all elements of your job/creation when you tap into our Community Brain!

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