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Realizing Your Potential

How are you going to realize your potential? And we don’t mean how are you going to be financially successful; we mean how are you going to find a job that motivates you so much that you love working hard, finding challenges and achieving satisfaction?

But realizing your potential extends to your life outside of work, too. How do you create meaning in your life beyond your job; i.e., do you have hobbies, do volunteer work, and how do you meet interesting people (network)? What do you do to learn something new, something you can’t pick up in books?

We believe the key to achieving “life success” is to maximize the quality of your social and professional networks, and to immerse yourself in activities with other people where you get a chance to display your skills, learn from and mentor others, and hone your collaboration skills.

Study and read all you want, the only way you are going to identify the job or leisure activities that will truly fulfill you is by interacting with smart, motivated people who are different from you.

Figure out how to achieve that objective — meeting, working and playing with such people — and you will be on your way to finding out what really matters to you. If you can extend such networking to collaborating on something together, all the better.

Learning how to become a trusted and valuable teammate is a skill that is already in high demand in today’s workforce, and it is equally as valuable in sharing leisurely passions — as is evidenced by the Maker Movement phenomenon.

So, attend Meetups, join clubs, and be more aggressive about introducing yourself to interesting new people. Take advantage of online collaboration platforms that allow you to efficiently network — and collaborate- with new people. You’ll surprise yourself how enjoyable it is to meet new people and how much you can learn from them, and you’ll dramatically expand your horizons… and you’ll begin to realize your potential in all aspects of your life.

– steve

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