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IBM shares plans for supercomputing future.

IBM is placing more accelerators, CPUs at multiple layers in supercomputers

IBM plans to load future supercomputers with more co-processors and accelerators to increase computing speed and power efficiency.

Supercomputers with this new architecture could be out within the next year. The aim is to boost data processing at the storage, memory and I/O levels, said Dave Turek, vice president of technical computing for OpenPower at IBM.

That will help break down parallel computational tasks into small chunks, reducing the compute cycles required to solve problems. That’s one way to overcome scaling and economic limitations of parallel computing that affect conventional computing models, Turek said.

“We looked at this and said, we can’t keep doing what we’ve done, but that won’t even work [any longer] when you look at the volume of data people are starting to entertain,” Turek said.

IBM Watson Transforming engagement with customers.

Watson Engagement Advisor helps organizations know their customers better based on their past history, engage them wherever, whenever, and however they choose and empower them at the point of action. As a result, organizations can drive better decisions and faster outcomes through personalized, contextual and evidence-based interactions.


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