Community Mentor

Community Mentors are hand selected individuals who have demonstrated great experience or skill in their respective field of work. Community Mentors have the right to be paired to Projects where mentors are responsible for coaching projects, assembling teams, and helping Project Leaders come up with a structured gameplan to take their Project to the next level. Community Mentors are also encouraged to weigh in on other projects and discussions in the community.

Elite Contributor

Elite Contributors are the absolute top performing users inside the Collaborizm Community. They are the top 5% cream of the crop inside the Collaborizm Community. These users demonstrate an extraordinary capability to participate and contribute, and/or possess a super unique ability in a specific skill based area.

Community Builder

A Collaborizm Builder is a special community member who has been anointed to an elevated role of managing and providing feedback to the Collaborizm Platform. They are essential to the community, by providing critical feedback towards enhancing Collaborizm towards its goal towards forming true Collaborative Revolution.

Project Leader Star

Project Leader stars are the top performing Project Leaders in the Community. They exhibit some great form of leadership to push their projects and ideas forward ahead of the pack.

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