Packaging machine

packing of grains(rice) using ONLY gravity feed mechanism.

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I need a mechanism which works mostly manually to weigh the amount of rice and Packing of using ONLY gravity feed mechanism.


Project Overview

We need a machine working on gravity feeding for packing of rice.
This machine has to be mainly used in small scale industries for Packing of free flowing products .
Small scale industries who do this manually require min 4 workers to do it
By this the number of workers will be reduced to 2
And also due automatic weighing along with sewing of bags(if required)
we can save around 50% time required for it.

Machine should perform following functions

  1. Weigh the amount of rice packed in bag.
  2. Automatically start and stop feeding mechanism for bag filling.
  3. Should be able to hold the bag
  4. Should be able to weigh different types of grains and calibrated according to the need.
  5. Preferred to be portable as one machine should be used for 2 -3 products
  6. Design should be future proof so various other things can be added for eg. Automatic monitoring and all.

#Project aims at achieving following things

  1. Reduction in time spent on filling and packing the bags which leads to increase in productivity.
  2. Reducing labors required for the process by using semi-automatic machine.

Current Task in Progress

-Designing a lever required for various weights of bags like
10kg, 25kg 50kg and 60kg

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

  1. Anyone having experience in similar field can suggest ideas
  2. Designer for Designing basic sketches of project.
  3. Manufacturers of designed parts

Where I Need the Most Help

Machine needs to be designed keeping certain factors in mind like space and budget available. Also machine needs to be designed to operate mostly without aid electricity and avoiding machines like compressors, motors.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

We required this mechanism for helping small scale industries in our region and help then grow.

Supporting Material & Info

The machine needs to be designed keeping in mind area available for packing


Team Micro-Checklist

Involve friends in team… Need more members

  • (1) Selection of mechanism of project
    -Lever operated mechanism is selected which will work with the help of limit switches/pneumatic actuators/Or any other actuators.
    -Selection of mechanism to operate Gates of hopper

  • (2) Basic design and drafting of required parts.

  • (3) Selection of materials and 3D modelling of Project

  • (4) Simulation of project

  • (5) Manufacturing processes to be used.

✌️🏼 Tips for the Project Leader:✌️🏼

  • Tag associated team members to respective tasks
  • Insert url for discussion threads being used for each task
  • Add any external locations for files associated to each task

Team members and contributors that participate in these tasks will be tagged in a milestone achievement when completed 😃

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