Data Handling in STM Microcontroller

Measuring AC Mains Parameters Through STM Microcontroller

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Project Overview

The Project is Based on ”Controlled Feedback System” implementing on
three phase A.C Mains of University Hostels.It consists of a Device Module
that measures all Three phase A.C parameters e.g Current , Voltage , Active
Power , Reactive Power etc and sends all the calculated parameters on the
Display Devices.Two LCD’s are being used as display devices , one of which
is attached with Measuring Module and the other one is the android display
on mobile.In this GSM MODULE is being used to transmit the data to the
android app.
The main controlling unit monitors the A.C parameters and compares
them with reference parameters.If any of these parameters exceeds its limit
it triggers the alarm on the mobile app showing which of these parameters
exceeds its level and may have caused a severe electrical damage.
The Project provides the user a freedom to turn off the A.C Mains via
interrupt button provided on android mobile app.It continuously alerts the
user about the exceeded parameter unless user presses the interrupt button.
If the user is not there to operate the button then before approaching to
damaging level the controlled system operates itself and terminates the A.C

Project Steps

The controlling mechanism consists of two major portions.One is the measurement of A.C parameters through Current Transformers and Potential
Transformers and other portion consists of a ”Microcontroller” that will monitors instantaneous samples of parameters and send the data to the mobile
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Synopsis of Final Year Project (FYP)
The data sending will be carried out by GSM module attached with
measuring device and displaying of data on the LCD linked with module as
well as sending of data on the mobile app.
The Controlling Button will be present in the mobile app. and this
button will give its response to the GSM Module and ultimately that GSM
gives its response to the Microcontroller that will Trigger the Microcontroller
to terminate the A.C supply Through Switching devices.
Voltage Measuring Module
To measure voltage, voltage sensor is required. The output of the sensor is
in analog form and an analog to digital converter (ADC) is required for converting the analog signal into a digital one. For analog to digital conversion,
we are using the internal ADC of microcontroller.

Current Measuring Module
To measure current, current sensor that is current transformer (CT) is required. The output of the CT is in analog form and an analog to digital
converter is required for converting analog signal into digital one. For analog
to digital conversion we are using internal ADC of microcontroller.

  • Measuring AC Parameters
  • Comparing AC parameters with desired through Microcontroller
  • Knowledge of STM Microcontroller

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

• Measuring power flow through the system accurately
This involves installing appropriate electronics to acquire hard data in the
form of voltage and current values.
• Extracting power-flow data from the system
The microcontroller is the hub here: it identifies and processes the data via
• Transmitting the extracted data to the backend
Data to be uploaded to the storage server via a communication module interfaced with the controller.
• Presenting the data on widely used software platforms
This task is purely software-based and comprises creating attractive user
interfaces (GUIs) on various popular user platforms.
• Enabling remote switching
A dataflow scheme will be implemented to allow users to turn on/off connected power loads remotely via the Internet.
In addition, the secondary (advanced) objectives which are desirable if
time is permitting are:
Allowing users to create and set custom user preferences to act as
triggers for actions
Along with the manual switching mechanism listed above, a method will be
created for users to generate their own custom rules for automated device
switching based on time and other variables.

• Data mining
Pattern analysis applied using supervised and unsupervised learning. This
is to enable the system to intelligently manage power usage according to
previous usage patterns, and hence conserve energy.

• Automatic Switching of Transformers
• Automatic Switching of three phase appliances
• Home automation and prevention of Electricity Stealing
• Safety of Appliances and Human Life
• Acts as Automatic Switching i.e Circuit Breaker
• Even can be implied on a single phase appliances
• Display of Energy Consumption Pattern
• Can be used as energy and cost saving
• Can be used to avoid overloading
• Can be tripped via Internet connection
• Can be used as Electrical Protection
• Can be used to diagnose the Leakage Losses

Supporting Material & Info

Finally, we will have a module box consisting of three input terminals and
three output terminals for the three phase along with LCD showing all the
measured parameters of the A.C mains.In the box module , fixed power
supply circuit will be present to power up the controller and the LCD and
it consists of PT’s , CT’s , switching devices , GSM Module and microcontroller.Along with the box we’ll have and android mobile with the user
controller app.

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