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Project Overview

This is an idea to bring in actual quality education in schools considering the dimensions with all the desired skills a student can pursue and excel in each and every district of India.
As the project need to be executed wisely, I prefer to work in a district at first and then start simultaneously in the other districts of India.

I want to bring in all the skills and technologies that the present educational institutions lack and work for the better future

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This model requires people with passion to work for a good cause and who want to see India as a much more better place and transform the students as technological and skilled people who will have the ability to change the fortune of this country

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

This is a call to all the experienced as well as the passionate people who want to train the students and teach them in the required field.
This idea is to see a real transformation into real skilled and trained people.
I want people here to work for this project as a very sensitive goal and work into the finest of the finest things required for the model.
At present I am looking for people who are really interested in this concept and who can understand clearly and work patiently on this project to prepare the DPR (Detailed Project Report) to start with the execution for the idea.
Also we need to conduct a survey in the selected district at first to see know to plan the actual statistics and to finalize the project model and the cost of the project.

Where I Need the Most Help

I want to work on this model from scratch so as not to compromise in any dimension related to it .
I need to setup a full time team working on this project who would be permanent here and take the key decisions required to for the development of the model.

Why Sponsor This Project?

I can assure the people who can support me in project that this would be a game changer in the present society and will be a massive model in the coming years.
This project will also generate huge employment to the people who are willing to prove their capabilities.
This project would be reaching every district in India and every person who will be a part of this project will see this as a symbol of pride.
I expect no personal gains from this project but just for the betterment and the professional skill training to the student in the fields in which they can reach the maximum heights.
I kindly request the supporters of the project to co-operate with me to see a better and bring in much more strength to this model by bringing the best you can.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

We have a very few institutions in India which provides education in India equally to all the sections of the society.
I am very confident that if we can strongly be determined to see a change in our education system without any disparity among the students and train them to their capabilities we can definitely see a transformed India.

Detailed Project Report

Yet to be finalized.
Check out this space for further progress.

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