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A collection of hacks and mods for affordable drone builds

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Here to help you build drones with FPV capabilities. Plus hacking transmitters & flight controllers. 3D prints design / assembly.



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Project Overview

Since I bought my 1st cheap toy quadcopter I haven’t been able to stop tinkering and flying. Then I discovered FPV (1st person view) flight which has turned this from a hobby into an obsession.

I wanted to create this project so others can have a central place to learn and share information about building, flying, and hacking Quadcopters and ground vehicles.

Did a little overview for 4 micro drone builds I did recently to test out components:

Here are some commentary on the results of the builds, I’ll have the 4th one coming up soon:
Best Indoor ONLY ==>
Cheapest Indoor / Outdoor ==>
IMPRESSIVE Upgrade to Indoor / Outdoor version ==>

Short Term Goals

Finished building 5 micro quads to test various components to recommend to you guys for builds. Next I’ll be putting together some guides on building and each of the component parts.

  • Doing modification on FPV Goggles to give my headset recording capability from the live feed of the flight
  • Conversion of H8 mini’s motors to the much larger 8.5mm x 20mm brushed motors and testing
  • Full Brushed and Brushless Quadcopter builds
  • Designing an ultra light weight antenna protector for an existing built quad and the new one.
  • Designing a new quadcopter micro frame or modifying a current frame from Thingiverse
  • Designing a FPV camera/transmitter mounting systems for a new micro quad and ground vehicle.
  • Hacking a H8 mini flight controller board
  • Converting a Devo 7E transmitter with into a universal radio for drones and RC vehicles with nrf24l01+pa+lna modules and custom firmware.

Teammates & Contributors

This project is a type of person learning journal used to share information with others. But I welcome anyone to join the project and build your own micro drones with me, make suggestions, work on new frame and mounting designs, help hack micro controllers, etc…

I know I know, you’re thinking about it… Just do it… Click the join project button up top… you know you want to… it’s calling your name, it’s saying “Please, Click Me”…

(But seriously, if you’re into drones/quadcopters join the project, the more members I see the more motivation it gives me to do all these hacks and edit hours of video footage to create a bunch of awesome tutorial videos on weekends, if you want to see content faster and help me keep up the pace, join! )


Great questions / Discussion Highlights


Completed List:

  • 1st assemblies of my 2 micro drones (Tiny Whoop variation & and as I call it, the Eachine H8 “Whisper” Mini )

  • FPV installations on ground and air vehicles

  • Modifying the VR-007 Eachine FPV Goggles output live video to DVR
    Some pictures of stills from video the modifications being done.

In Progress List:

  • Finish editing VR-007 Goggles modification and post as tutorial video (task not posted yet)

  • Start a tutorial video series on quadcopter, flight controller, & FPV basics for newcomers looking to get into flying. Speccing this out to be a 8-10 part video series on outlining how the basics of brushless and brushed flight, breakdown of parts (electronic speed controllers, power distribution board, OCD, etc…), telemetry, discussing powering the quads, multiple flight modes, etc… (task not posted yet)

  • Take measurements of new camera and make (task not posted yet)

  • Upload pictures of current makeshift antenna protector, take measurements of new camera and make a post to start designing FPV camera/transmitter light weight protection 3d print. Can anyone remember what the program is called which lets you take pictures of objects from your phone which then converts them to a 3D object? (task not posted yet)

  • Figuring out how to convert truck from nihm to lipo without frying the circuit board, anyone familiar with nihm vs lipo?

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