💸 The Collaborizm Innovator Fund 💸

A Collective Fund Used To Support Top Innovators in Developing Markets. Show Progress. Get Funded!

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A Collective Fund Used To Support Top Innovators in Developing Markets. Show Progress. Get Funded!


💸 What is the Collaborizm Innovator Fund?

Overview of the Fund

Collaborizm has launched a fund that will invest its resources into Collaborizm’s most promising Top Innovators from developing markets around the world.

The Collaborizm team will vet top projects and contributors in our community and delegate funds in a way that is equitable to our community. We are hoping to help bring our most promising projects a step forward in the positive direction, and help aid developing market innovators from across the globe bring their ideas to life.

The Mission of the Fund

The mission of the fund is to help drive forward the projects of our most promising Top Innovators from Developing Markets. These projects will benefit most from funding that will enable them to invest in things like new parts, elite freelance work work, and project prototyping.

Which Collaborizm users are Eligible?

It Starts with Collaborizm’s Top Contributors

Collaborizm Top Contributors are the cream of the crop in the Collaborizm Community. These are our top participants and contributors, who are actively helping lead the community, and are actively helping others!

Places to Receive Sponsorship and Funding

Promising Projects: Our internal team will be on the lookout for the most promising projects in our Community.

Projects leveraging sponsor technologies will have higher chances of receiving follow on funding.

Creation of Learning Material: We will be looking to sponsor the creation of learning material in our community. Learning material is key to fostering growth and maturity of the talent on Collaborizm.

Things We Look For in Top Contributors and Leaders in our Community

Project Leaders

✏️️ Projects showing clear step by step roadmaps.

🔧 Projects actively working on tasks with the community.

➡️️ Projects actively showing healthy team-work and task delegation.

🤖 We are focused on helping Top Contributors purchase parts and/or build their prototypes.

Project Teammates

💡 Teammates actively participating and helping teams move forward.

📈 Teammates showing leadership and collaborative skills.

Community Participants

🎛️ Users providing valuable ideas and feedback to all things Collaborizm.

🛠️ Users actively helping on tasks in the community.

Who Decides Who Gets Funds?

The Collaborizm Team will be the sole decision makers on this issue. We will reserve full control, as we understand our community better than anyone else.

Becoming a Fund Sponsor

What do Enterprise Sponsors Get?

Brand Recognition
Enterprises will be featured as fund sponsors and primary supporters of emerging market innovators on Collaborizm.

Involvement in Projects
Enterprise sponsors can involve themselves in the creation of projects. Enterprise sponsor accounts will be emphasized on all Projects backed by the fund!

Promotion of Tech

Enterprise partners can encourage Top Innovators to use their technologies by utilizing their prioritized access to projects.

What’s in it for Social Good Will Sponsors?

Brand Recognition
Social sponsors will be featured as fund sponsors.

Involvement in Projects
Social sponsors can actually involve themselves in the creation of projects, provide mentorship in the creation of inventions, and more.

Overall Benefit of the Fund (What You’re Backing)

The real power of this fund is in its ability to support the go getters, innovators, and driven entrepreneurs who are actively building things within the Collaborizm Community. No where else can you support these innovators while you have the ability to weigh in on the things they are building as they build it! This is HOW you make IMPACT. Support the Builders, and the go getters, first. 😃

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