Conversion of waste polyethene to ethanol.

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Shivendra Tewari
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Project Overview

“Plastic products have become an integral part in our daily life as a basic need. It produced on a massive scale worldwide and its production crosses the 150 million tonnes per year globally. In India approximately 8 Million tonnes plastic products are consumed every year (2008) which is expected to rise 12 milllion tones by 2012. Its broad range of application is in packaging films, wrapping materials, shopping and garbage bags, fluid containers, clothing, toys, household and industrial products, and building materials. It is a fact that plastics will never degrade and remains on landscape for several years.

The recycled plastics are more harmful to the environment than the virgin products due to mixing of color, additives, stabilizers, flame retardants etc. Further, the recycling of a virgin plastic material can be done 2-3 time only, because, after every recycling, the strength of plastic material is reduced due to thermal degradation. It is to mention that no authentic estimation is available on total generation of plastic waste in the country however, considering 70% of total plastic consumption is discarded as waste, thus approximately 5.6 million tons per annum (TPA) of plastic waste is generated in country, which is about 15342 tons per day (TPD)"

As quoted in a report by Central Pollution Control Borad(CPCB).

Environmental issues on disposal of Plastic Waste:

  1. Indiscriminate littering of unskilled recycling/reprocessing and non-biodegradability of plastic waste
  2. During polymerization process fugitive emissions are released.
  3. During product manufacturing various types of gases are released. Indiscriminate dumping of plastic waste on land makes the land infertile due to its barrier properties.
  4. Burning of plastics generates toxic emissions such as Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Dioxin, Furans, Amines, Nitrides, Styrene, Benzene, 1, 3- butadiene, tetra chloro methane,and Acetaldehyde.

Seeing all this huge problem created by polyethene we come up with a idea of converting waste polythene to ethanol which is a greener fuel. Which is a novel and environment friendly idea, had not been done till now by any of the researcher. This idea is being nurtured by a group of students having a zeal in problem solving and making “Earth a better place to live.” We have come a long way in this project and have been working on this idea from 2012-present.

Problems trying to solved with our idea:

  1. Fuel prices.
  2. Food prices.
  3. Soil, air and water pollution is increasing due to polythene.
  4. Burden on Fossil Fuels are increasing with the increasing population

Achievements :-

  1. Patent filled for our idea 1293/del/2012.
  2. Research paper published in “Journal of Integrated Science and Technology”.(Link ,March 2016)
  3. Winner at Techkriti i.e IIT Kanpur’s techfest Techkriti’s competition named Soccon held in 2013.
  4. Winner at Techkriti i.e IIT Kanpur’s techfest Techkriti’s competition named Eureka held in 2014.
  5. Winner at 20th National Children’s Science Congress held at BHU,Varanasi which is organised by DST,India.
  6. Research was nominated for
    3rd National Awards for Technology Innovation in Petrochemicals & Downstream Plastics Processing Industry (2012-13)
    organised by CIPET,Balasore.
  7. Top projects selected in IRIS Science Fair which is organised by Intel,India at Christ University,Bangaluru.
  8. Winner in Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University’s model making competition held at BBAU,Lucknow.
  9. Research was published in many of the renowned newspapers like :-Times of India,Pioneer Newspaper,Dainik Jagran,Hindustan,Amar Ujala and many more…
  10. For research help we had a talk with a lot of government and private organizations some of them are:-
  11. Prime minister’s office
  12. Central Pollution Control Board
  13. Indian oil
  14. IIT Kanpur
  15. IIIT Allahabad
  16. IIT Delhi
  17. Tata Chemicals
  18. CSIR
  19. Department of Science and Technology
  20. IISC Bangalore
  21. CIPET
  22. IITR
  23. ICT
  24. BASF
  25. Celanese Corporation

Statement of Need:-

Experiment has been done at our level i.e. experimentation have been done at home level where required pressure and temperature was not given due to lack of instrumentation.

We need the following setup for our research work which is a ready made setup for our experiment costing approx(4 lakhs) and it is available on http://www.amarequip.com/index.php/pilot-plants-2/ or a reactor which can bear 350-750 C temperature and 1050psi pressure.

We want the organization to help us arrange these instruments either by providing us fund or searching for a lab which has all the facilities.

Contact Details:-

Name :- Shivendra Tewari
Phone no.:- +91-7376598475
Address :- 570/974 ,Gopal Puri,Alambagh,Lucknow.
Email id:- [email protected]
Website:- www.petprojectteam.blogspot.in (all other details can be found).

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