SMART Chicken Cage for Backyard Farming

Backyard Poultry Raising

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Project Story

Poultry raising has been a significant part of the lives of many Filipinos mostly in rural areas across the Philippines not only in homes but also as a form of business.

Of course, the major factor to consider when it comes to poultry raising is the proper way of how chicken should be healthily raised in terms of giving them feeds and water as well as the temperature that should be sufficient for the chicken while they are nurtured. However, this can be laborious especially this requires immense manpower when monitoring the chicken.

This research presents the development of a ‘smart’ chicken cage for home use, with the term ‘smart’ to be fully utilized due to the usage of a #microcontroller unit (MCU) that was so programmed in order to carry on the automated tasks of feeding the chicken as scheduled as well as normalizing the ambiance temperature inside the cage.

The research aims to lessen the manpower of supervising the chicken as they grow, since the process involved are now automated.

Physical Aspects of the Device

In terms of the physical aspect of the device, for the feeding system, servomotors and sensors are used in order to transport the feeds from the silo all the way to the pan feeders. Other devices used for this part include a load cell where the feeds are weighed, a ‘flip container’ where the feeds are placed for transport towards the feeders, and a rack-and-pinion system as a means for the flip container to traverse its way towards the feeders.

For the watering system, another motor and a certain sensor were also used so that the water trough will be filled as soon as it was detected that the water level present in the trough becomes critically low. And for the temperature regulation, an evaporative cooler and exhaust fan were used for lowering the ambiance temperature in a hot environment, and an incandescent bulb was used for providing warmth in order to increase the inside temperature of the cage when the environment is cold. Lastly, a numeric keypad and a display were used in order to set the necessary parameters, schedules, and measurements as well as to test whether the sensors, motors, and the other devices are working before setting the cage into actual work.

In testing the device, however, several glitches were noticed such as in the programming of the MCU itself, the display showing random characters, and in the sensors, motors, and other parts themselves. After these problems were taken into consideration, the cage was repaired as a whole until there are no more malfunctions.

Nevertheless, after several tests, it was shown the SMART Chicken Cage for Backyard Farming is indeed a reliable device for raising chicken. Recommendations are also made for the betterment of the device as well as for future researches.

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