Voice Control for Cars

It won't be a driveless car but it will be a chip which will ease the comfort while driving a car!

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We all have gone for a ride in car once a while..


Voice Control for Cars


We all have gone for a ride in car once a while. We have seen the buttons and features in the car which we need to switch on and off using our hands. What if the features in the car could be controlled by using our voice!
I, Sahil Rathi, a student of Thakur Polytechnic, have come up with this concept of hands free control over the components available in the car. This concept will be very cheap to be designed so that even middle class families can afford it.

Main concept:

We are talking about a chip which will be attached to the stereo system and your mobile phone! A chip which will take the input from google maps and mic in your mobile phone and if necessary the output will be given from stereo. Even set the location to which you need to travel on the google maps and attach your phone to the chip via USB port. When you are turning left, the left indicator will automatically start before 50m of turning as per the location set and the shortest route to it.


This chip will provide luxury, comfort and a feeling of high class lifestyle to everyone who uses it. The cars won’t be driven with it but it will be an entertainment to all of them who are using it. Some of the features that will be added in voice control are:
• Left and right indicators
• Headlight control
• AC controlling
• Music playlist control
• Using internet
• Typing and sending a message to someone
• Voice directions to destination


Your can tell to crack a joke and your job will be done. You can tell to power on and off the AC as per your convenience. If you aren’t using the maps services you can tell it to switch on and off the indicators. You can give passing lights. You can switch to cruise mode if available. You can change the ventilation directions of AC as per the convenience. You can play your playlist or any song from YouTube. You can speak and send the message to any of your contacts. You can even control the windows if they are automatic.
This concept will be very cost efficient to be designed so that even middle class families can afford it. This will lead to comfortable and luxurious lifestyle at a cheap cost.

– Sahil Rathi

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