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Online Writers’ Room

A virtual space for filmmakers and writers to bounce off new ideas in order to create new screenplays!

Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? It could have been for anything! Was it a school project, or a blog? Maybe it was a task that your boss asked you to do at work?

As a passionate filmmaker, writer’s block can prevent me from not only creating new ideas for screenplays, but it also stops me from continuing to hone in on my technical craft of producing films. Some of the best ideas come from a group of writers being seated in a room with nothing but stale food, flat beverages, and a couple burned-out cigarettes as they talk about their random thoughts. As a collective group, they’re not only able to connect these ideas together, but they’re also able to create a story out it! Welcome to the wonderful world of Writers’ Rooms!

You remember that last episode of South Park you saw? How about that viral video from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that hit more than a million viewers on YouTube? Do you think those were all created by a single individual? As my sassy next door neighbor used to tell me when I blast my music late at night, “HELL NO!”

The creativity, the laugh out loud moments, the suspension of disbelief, and those tears that you get when the beautiful couple lives happily ever after are all based on the contributions from numerous writers. How else do you know if your idea is good or not? How else are you going to know that you have a grammar or spelling error? What if you’re awesome idea for a thriller taking place by a volcano isn’t as feasible as you thought it would be?

Look, I’m not trying to create a Kickstarter and ask random people in the street for money about some passion project. Instead, I’m looking for people talk, generate discussion, argue, debate, lecture, and joke about their ideas in order TO CREATE a passion project!

From Wired Magazine’s “How an Unlikely Hollywood Juggernaut Came to Rule Netflix” by Jason Tanz

This article talks about how Mark & Jay Duplass thought of such a simple idea and using the financial/creative means within their own realms to create such an intriguingly comedic short. Take a look:

"Jay recounted a recent near breakdown he’d had while trying to record the outgoing message on his answering machine. Mark ran out, bought a $3 MiniDV tape—an outlay that represents the movie’s entire production cost—and improvised the entirety of what would become 2003’s This Is John. In the seven-minute short, what begins as a casual exercise ends up provoking a psychological collapse, as John rejects his various attempts as overly formal or self-conscious. The film ends with John committing to one final attempt at the outgoing message, which proves to be a display of burn-it-all-down self-acceptance that concludes, “Have a great fucking day.” It’s a trajectory that succinctly recapitulated the Duplasses’ creative journey up to that point.

This Is John may have looked and sounded like a home movie, but it had a rude life to it, and when the Duplasses submitted it to Sundance, it was accepted into the shorts program, where it was hailed as one of the five short films to see."

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