smart traffic lights

ensures on road traffic norms and prioritized transportation

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ensures on road traffic norms and prioritized transportation

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Project Overview

this project is about “automated traffic management”… it senses the vehicles moving and also the type of vehicle ex: ambulance. through it can automatically halt the vehicles when they violate and avoid the red light flashed…and also it allow specified size of vehicles by screening the traffic!
we could insert different types sensors for different types vehicles based on their size and load…these could be provided for licensed vehicles.
for example an ambulance could be given special type of sensor which enables it to move through the traffic as in emergency even when the signal is red.

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Project Steps

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Where I Need the Most Help

I want to know how to build a sensor-to-sensor interaction that stops the vehicle from crossing the traffic light post
I want help on how to design different sensors for different types of vehicles so that traffic screening controlling could be established.
And I need some knowledge in how to build mass sensing module to sense various vehicles.

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Why I’m Passionate About This Project

traffic nuisance is a big issue nowadays and during peak hours unwanted vehicles like big trucks and lorries are moved when they are not allowed to…
also Iam trying to build a sensor that could prevent unwanted accidents through 24x7 screening of traffic.
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Supporting Material & Info

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