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Need investor for a school project in Nepal

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Project Overview

The Golden Star Secondary School is registered with Company Registrar Office of Nepal and it is institutional school. It got approval from KG to Class Ten from Nepal government in the year 1996. It is active member of PABSON (Private and Boarding Schools Organization Nepal).
It has completed successfully all the academic year and it got next approval for +2 in the year 2010. Now it has total students 450 with small school premises. It is time that TGS need extension in every corner of it. TGS has achieved track record in every sections of it. It was best school in district. The students from other districts used to come for studies to complete school level. It had proved best performance than other school in district.
Now we are planning to move TGS (The Golden Star) for further extensions to meet world class development in the sector of education. We want to come up with TGS as one of the best school in Nepal with all modern facilities in the sector of education. So the students can get all facilities in own places and parents do not have to take much burden for their ward’s education. The TGS has its own teaching system which is called learnography. This teaching system is used in all classes to teach subjects. The students have come up every time with best performance and output in concern subjects. It has even brought good behavioral changes in students. It has been already proved with so many practical.
The time is now to give a new Extension and Development of Infrastructure to serve the growing population of students who call TGS. We like to accomplish this target in the year 2019. Everything is ready to move in right direction to accomplish the work. But we need strong investor for this school project to get finance for 12 years. It is very clear that we will never sell the share of school and the collateral will be complete school project. It will be treated & received as loan according to Nepalese Government rules.
As TGS was formed with intention to provide education to children of the societies and bring great changes in the societies. So the children could get best education to develop the standard of livings and contribute energy for development of nation. So if anyone wants to contribute as donations, the management of TGS will never have problem to accept it. But it will be accepted according to rules of Nepalese government.

The Total Estimated Cost required to accomplish this Project:
Cost of Land: USD 962293 2
Cost of construction:USD 752079
Cost of lab and library: USD 263800
Cost of machinery, furniture and Equipment: USD 565002
Sport Facilities:USD 640000
Others: USD 47500

Current Task in Progress

The school is in operation at present and this project is posted with intention to give TGS new shape to meet modern education.

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

I am in need of donor agencies or money lenders for this project. I need of such teammates who can help me out find or help to get fund to accomplish this project. I am looking for teammates as well as contributors for this project.

Where I Need the Most Help

I need help to raise fund for this project so that I can accoplish this project in time.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

Since 2005 I am working with TGS as administration head. I found myself that there is need of one best school in district. I do not find the schools in the district with all the facilities. So the students are used to go other places in Nepal or to our neighboring country in India. It is one of the hard jobs for every parent. So I come up with an idea to establish best school in the district that must have all the facilities which will guide the students in every corner to establish best carrier in future. As we know the concrete foundation establishes a best school.

Supporting Material & Info

supporting material will prescribed on request

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