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Here to help you build drones, get answers to questions, and learn.

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Anton VoltchokSoftware Engineer & Design Lead at Collaborizm
Abhi VermaROBOToTHON 2017 Mentor, Electronics Engineer
Harsha AlvaMechanical Engineer + Software Developer
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A place for helping you build drones, sharing ideas, & pooling knowledge.

If you’re new to drones, or are stuck on some part of your build, this is a place where you can ask questions and get help.

If you have built drones or just have some knowledge you could contribute, please join and give back to the community by answering questions.

This is also a place you can show off what you made to inspire others. Did you design a unique frame or camera mount for example, well post it and get some feedback! For example I just made this flight video after testing the TX03 for Harsha

You are the reason this project exists

So I’ll be counting on you guys to help out as much as you can to make this club successful.

Anyone can help by either:

  1. Creating a tutorial post in the project on your area of expertise, for example a post about ===>> Differences between 25mW / 50mW / 200mW transmitters and PAL vs NTFC.
  2. Answer questions posted by others
  3. Create posts or chat me links to other discussions in Collaborizm which could be a great source of information, this way we can categorize that information and put it in the list below.

Posts organized by topic:

Here are some threads out of a quadcopter building project I think others could find interesting, if you see other posts from different projects which could be beneficial to others / good source of knowledge, please paste the links in the discussions below so I can add them to a growing list here. Eventually it will be categorized under the different parts of a drone, such as motors / transmitters / frames / cameras / receivers / etc…


Harsha Alva asked about options for transmitting live drone feed with a Pi / Linux, suggested Easy-Cap ==>>https://www.collaborizm.com/thread/Hy2icCzHl

Receivers / LCD Displays or Goggles for FPV

Nouman Tahir asked about virtual reality with drones and made some suggestions ==>> https://www.collaborizm.com/thread/H1OYREVrx

I’m hoping with your help, this list over time will become huge and act as a great resource for everyone to learn and make better drones! I want to set some goals to keep this club moving forward, so to start ==>

Our first goal is to create 5 helpful posts consisting of build or installation guides / tutorials / tips / etc…

(the posts could be referencing helpful threads in other Collaborizm projects, on your own profiles, etc…, so if you see something out there, post a link to the thread here, and I’ll include it in the project)

Second goal would be to have answered 5 questions.

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