Home Automation using IoT

Connecting the home appliances to internet and control them from anywhere in the world.

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Project Overview

I have developed the IoT device which can be controlled by any internet accessing device. now i want to make it bigger.
controlling home appliances and monitoring the in house conditions from your smartphone is a great idea. also you can save energy and time if you left any appliance switched ON by mistake. Keep an eye on your house.

Current Task in Progress

Well I,m an Electronics Engineer and i have already developed the IoT device for my previous projects using various technologies. These are

  1. Raspberry pi + Wi-Fi module
  2. Raspberry pi + LAN
  3. Arduino (any micro-controller spl. AVR) + Wi-Fi chip / GSM-GPRS module
    and i will prefer to use GSM/GPRS module then Wi-Fi. Because in India most of the population doesn’t have access to wi-fi or LAN connections. but yes we have more than 700 million mobile phone users. so buying a SIM card is not a big deal for them. and this also expand the coverage area of this project.
    Appliances driver hardware is also ready but any suggestion or improvements are always welcome.

Project Steps

  1. Developing WEB API based service. (will be great if can be hosted on raspberry pi for testing/Prototyping period. later deployed on a server)
  2. Developing Master IoT control board.
  3. Developing slave Driving boards.
  4. Developing a Smart phone Application to send commands and read the status.
  5. Testing and Improving the design, cutting the cost to make affordable with least maintenance.

Where I Need the Most Help

I can do all the Electronics related part on my own. but i need help for WEB API development.
Needs to make a website which has different fields. e.g. Field 1, field 2 and so on. These fields store their respective data. E.g. Field 1 = [email protected]&/ or anything.
Now in we UI we will make buttons which toggles their respective bits. E.g. Field 1= 10101 , it contains 5 characters. 1st character is for fan, 2nd is for light and so on other characters are also assigned. So a switch named fan will be a slider which changes it respective character from 0 to 9. The light switch will be a on off toggle switch writes 1 or 0 to 2nd character. Thus we control the data or I should say modify it.
Now we also need an api which will be used to read different field data.
So api will simply return the respective field data in json format as per api call.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

IoT is in the demand of Present and need of Future. It help us to utilize the technology as it best.
After all the crap… i wanna do this because we can do this…

Supporting Material & Info

checkout my previous IoT projects. It may be help you to understand this project.



Check out following link for Web Api development as this website does the same task.

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