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How to make water fuel almost any car on earth

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How to make water fuel almost any car on earth it is easy by collaboration between Five Characters of people (Visionary, Fund guy, Electroni

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Water is a mystery for years few only know how to best of its use


Do you know that dead water affect you health ??

This is a simple project as you will know if a car can run on natural gas so it can work on HHO gas generated on Demand from High voltage with multiple frequency.

Why you think NASA is working so hard to find Water On Mars ??!!

This is an easy project to made

I am having great schematic that need to be transformed into real project as for the best type of water is Purified water so we have abundance of Salt water that can be transformed in pure water with ease

If this project is to be in real world will decrease CO2 significantly and increase Humidity of air which will be transformed to rain by Allah only well no one know

I need the most help from people who can work with CAD plans and Schematic formulation with ease and also the mechanical engineer that will guide us on how and how much needed be second LPM HHO and all that will be digitally monitored by the embedded system that will be manufacture alone with my device.

My Passion is that we can produce a closed circuit of energy that will make car run on water and condense the exhaust which is entirely made of water so no waste code harm no one although we will rely on petrol because every single thing is made by energy came from fossil fuel but Time will come to change that also.

Thanks for Share Me My Vision to Freedom

Imagine you are by Shore side where there is nothing but our true most component that make us all survive and you can !!!

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Water To go