Kandy Software Library Hackathon!

$4,000 in Prizes. Let's do it!

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$4,000 in Prizes. Let's Hack!!


The Hackathon Challenge

Running February 10th - March 31st, 2017

Marc Andreessen, the famous venture capitalist, is famously quoted as saying “software is eating the world” in a 2011 WSJ essay. Today, not only is software eating the world, but it is helping thousands take their lives to the next level. Our hope is that by helping more people learn how to build software, they can better their opportunities in life.

This engineering challenge is straightforward: build Kandy Libraries/SDKs for various languages.

Our hope is that you can share your development knowledge with aspiring developers and the next generation. Use your imagination to build anything that you and your teammates agree upon. The section below describes how your hack will be judged.


In order to help you get the most out of the event, we have split up the hack into multiple parts:

Phase 1 - Submit your written proposals (here is a sample proposal) by February 24th, 2017. Submit your team information and a feature roadmap via http://www.kandy.io/hacksubmit. The top teams (around 10) will receive Raspberry Pi 3 Kits as prizes, and proceed to phase 2.

Phase 2 - Create an account here: www.collaborizm.com/start, enter your project overview into your Collaborizm project and post a YouTube video (the video must cover the following: first milestone, design considerations, screenshots, and a team introduction) by March 10th, 2017.

Phase 3 - Submit a Youtube video covering your project, team and challenges/solutions by March 24th, 2017.

Phase 4 - Winners to be chosen by judges based on YouTube videos and working apps., live judging and the judging criteria listed above by April 4th, 2017. Winners will be interviewed and promoted via Kandy and Genband websites and associated partner media/social channels.

The challenges and prizes for this developer event are as follows:

$1000 USD

  • Build a Kandy.io complete helper library for Android with accompanying tutorial (SMS, Video, and Screen Share)

$750 USD

  • Build a Kandy.io complete helper library for iOS with accompanying tutorial (SMS, Video, and Screen Share)

$500 USD

  • Build a Kandy.io SMS helper library for C++

$250 USD

Judges & Criteria

We have also lined up the following mentors and judges to help you with creating the best possible tutorial for the aspiring developers:
Judge 1: info coming soon
Judge 2: info coming soon
Judge 3: info coming soon
Mentor 1: info coming soon
Mentor 2: info coming soon
Mentor 3: info coming soon

Judging criteria will be determined on the following points, on a scale of 0 through 10:

Usefulness - Is the hack practical and does it provide useful info for users? Does it fulfill a real need?
Originality - Is the hack something novel or a fresh approach to an old problem?
Technical Difficulty - Is the hack technically interesting or difficult? Is a rehashed API demo?
Polish / Design - Does the app work and how clean is the UI flow? Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work? Is it well designed?
Diversity of team members - There is no member limit or minimum, but showing skill diversity is a point winner here.


To Apply

Project Leaders must submit their teams to the pinned discussions. This discussion will show all teams participating!

Start a Project

Project Leaders must submit their teams as an applicant to one of the pinned challenges below.

Join a Project

Join a Project that has applied to Hackathon in one of the pinned challenges below.

Participate as an Individual

Submit yourself individually to any of the challenges below.

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