Collaborative innovation, a physical hub to foster innovation through collaboration

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The idea to establish or partner with an innovation hub with all necessary resources where collaborators can meet, brainstorm and innovate.

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Project Overview

The project is about bringing Collaborizm and its goodness within physical walls, in a form of an innovation hub, which will be referred to as “cInnovation” Hub hence forth, where a good internet, library and lots of equipments, from oscilloscopes to 3D printers to cameras will be ready to be exploited for common good and innovation. Collaborates nearby can catch up, brainstorm and physically realize their dreams and passion using the resources. The cInnovation Hub will implement a modest membership system so as to generate some revenue itself to expand the resources within, and also to help open more such cInnovation Hubs, around the globe.

Current Task in Progress

We have been meeting lots of people and planning for this for more than a year now. Back then, we only called it an innovation hub though.
So we already are in the first step, trying to find partnership in already up and running hubs that would greatly reduce our efforts than building a hub ourselves.

Project Steps

  1. Finalizing the plans and setting concrete objectives and business model.
  2. Trying to recreate the process overseas through interested groups.
  3. Implementing the collaborative goodness and actually getting the hub up and running.

Where I Need the Most Help

  1. Proper planning for the resources and business model.
  2. Finding sponsorships, could it be used equipments or space or cash or even books.
  3. Forming a team which will actually be a project team also bound by a business partnership.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

There are lots of ideas flying around. Lets help these ideas and dreams get realized for good. We will be creating technologies, ideas, communities, startups and what not. There is so much collaboration can get done.

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