Artificial Fish Hunter Robot

This robot will catch fish by it's own intelligence system .

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This robot will catch fish by it's own intelligence system . After catching fish robot'll send massage to the user .

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Project Overview

Artificial fish hunter is a robot that can catch fish by it’s own intelligence system.

Not only catching fish is the main sequence but also fish detection, robot motion in danger weather and alarm to the users are also some of principal working procedure of this artificial robot.

People all over the world directly or indirectly depends upon fish but the people who catch fish only he/she knows it better how much tropically danger & hard work it is!

So for the future advance technology this robot’ll be a glorious achievement such like Bangladesh, India , japan ,chain …etc counties of south Asia , Asia and entire world .

Current Task in Progress

  • AI based algorithm is developed.
  • Design and construction of the manufacturing process is in conceptual stage.

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

#apps developer
#Auto cad expert ,
#journal contributor.

Where I Need the Most Help

#programmer (apps developer), #AVR programmer, skilled in #microsoft robotics developer studio .

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

This innovation is involving all my like- mind subjects and also a great dimension for a collaborative domain of different sectors of people dealing with their like mind subject/s and an opportunity to face the world in oneness as this project deals with artificial robot .For the fish hunter people all over the world to save time, to save life from danger situation of the river or ocean .

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In Progress @Teammates

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  • 2) Form a team and find interested Contributors in the Community to

  • 3) Help out/join the team

  • 4) Get advice on Electrical Engineering tactics/principles

  • 5) Setup IndieGoGo Campaign

  • 6) Crowdstorm manufacturing strategies

  • 7) Raise $5000 for research funding

  • 8) teammates and mentorship from the Community

  • 9) Noninate for international conference

  • 10) Distribute the Product Internationally

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