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This robot answers your question and this is for playing and expanding the boundaries of your knowledge

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Project Overview

In this project i want to make a robot which talks and answers your question. this project will help the people who are very curious about their day to day life and want to know more. i have this idea when i get my science project and i want to make this project for science fair but later i want to take this project forward.

What I Want to Accomplish

I want to make this project because children can play with it and we can get the thing we want for example we are just watching the
sky and we suddenly thought why sky is blue ? then we will ask this from askbot (the name of robot) then it will answer. This will give people a friend to talk. we will also provide this facility that people can also add answer and question to this robot .

Where I Need the Most Help

Well i’am very weak in robotics i don’t know i part of hardware of robotic but i can make the software part of the project so i want the help in hardware part of project like setting battery making circuit and many more.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

As i mentioned above i’am making this project for school science fair but later i want to modify it and present it in front of international science fair … I have many dreams after that.


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