Influence of Steel Slag and Fly Ash on Strength

Study of effect of steel slag and fly ash on clayey soil.

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To enhance the properties of Concrete by using admixture ,which are consider to be waste materials like steel slag and fly ash.

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Project Overview

Properties of Clayey Soil increase with addition of proper admixture. Million tons of waste materials are produced
annually in India and their disposal has become a major
environmental concern. Addition of these wastes in
stabilization technique makes proper utilization of these
wastes and solves the problem of disposal. Fly ash is produced
as a by-product from municipal solid waste incinerators and
coal fueled power stations. Steel slag is a by-product
produced during the conversion of iron ore or scrap iron to

What I Want to Accomplish

To improve the properties of the Clayey Soil .Clayey soils are poor in strength and they will result in poor pavement support and ultimately affects the pavement performance and its life period. Clayey soil also affects the design and construction of the pavement, resulting in higher cost of construction and early failure of pavement. Various techniques are available like soil stabilization, providing reinforcement etc. to improve load bearing capacity of soil.

Where I Need the Most Help

Suggestion from Civil Engineering experts about my idea and guide about different test needed to be perform to conclude the effect of waste material on Soil .

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

I’m not only passionate about this project, been an Civil Engineering Student .I’m passionate about my career in field of Civil Engineering and willing to learn more from Civil experts .

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