Arcade Revival and hand-made crafwork

Let's bring back the holy time of dark backrooms

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"Arcade rooms are dead because home entertainment systems offer similar/better experiences for cheaper..." Are you sure?


Let’s bring back the arcades!

Or how to recreate them with a realistic cost

Arcades are NOT expensive!

Of course, saying that is easy. But wait! Yes, they are!
So why aren’t they everywhere like before?
Well, because actually , Arcade lovers and wannabe owners are facing different problems when trying to build up their gameroom.
We gonna try here to analyse every aspects.

  • Sourcing

Where to find some arcade machines?
Not many solutions available. The two main roads are the restoration/modification of existing used cabinets or the purchase (and eventually importation) of brand new units.
The first solution makes you invest on some used hardware sometimes as old as +35 years.
The second one rips you off with hidden fees like duty taxes and so on.

  • Any Alternatives?

Yes, of course.
We could rebuild them from scratches.
Spare parts and kits like mainboards or controls are always sold around the world.
Their importation is cheaper than the purchase of a whole ready to play units as a 10lbs kit is of course less expensive than a 160lbs piece of engeneering.

  • What is required?

Not that much actually.
A few power tools, nothing fancy, but a lot of crafting skills.
Some working place, of course, in order to build the units.
A hopefully already existing customership waiting to buy that specific machine you’re working on.
And of course the financial needs to start building, and displaying, stock/demo units.

  • What the point?

Recreate a local crafting economy with a noble product (yes, yes).
Creating some work, directly with some staffs, and indirectly with the ordering of spare parts that could be ordered and produced in direct neighborhood .

  • Why should it work?

Well, maybe because this is what I’m already doing on a daily basis?
Maybe because I receive a lot of requests from abroad but shipping costs are always killing the desire?

  • What’s on it for me?

Real question is more, why limitating myself on a national market when I could (with some help of course) go international?

*Any examples?

Yes, and this is how I’going to finish this project.
The few pictures closing this page are from previous completed builds. They display both commercial and professional settings and so far each of them found a loving new home.


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