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E-sports in India is still at great infancy with probably the largest number of players after China here only

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E-sports has vast scope in organizing such events and also how the winners loot the bug money and fame .Companies are training pros for this

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Project Overview

Promoting E-sports in India and Globally

What I Want to Accomplish

Encourage the spirit of e-sports, gain pro gamers and train them for world leagues and other competitions.

Where I Need the Most Help

Gaining Resources
Funders Always Welcomed
Organizing In-campus gaming events.
Engineering Personal/Team for Technicalities.
Digital Marketing cum Marketing Personal/Team for gaining applicants and audience.
Encouraging Cosplaying too like comic con.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

The Gamers have in its own unique way specialized set of skills from being a sharp shooter in CS-GO to Strategists in Dota or League off legends or COC. Players dedicate at max 8 hours per day to them for nothing but raw passion for them and get discouraged by society for wasting time, it is time for making their hard work pay off and earning some respect also it would be a new field for the youth to pursue . They can be turned into trainers, pro gamers, champions, celebs,etc . I want to create a company or institute that would organize such events, then train the winners for the big leagues.

People With Fire For The Cause Welcomed .

E-Sports In Phillipines

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Project E-Sports