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When you are in trouble just click on the button of this app and the security forces will triangulate your position and come for your rescue


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Project Overview

In time when you are in solid trouble , well when some bad guy comes in front of you with a gun or a knife you cant fight him hand to hand, you surrender to his will , so to save yourself from all this mess you need an app that can instantaneously with just one click can contact the security forces for help and they will come to you by tracking you phones location ,and will send their nearest cavalry for your rescue.

Current Task in Progress

Just the idea and I need people with good skill to tell me how this all stuff can be done , because its a good app the one problem is how are the governments approve such an app.

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

Application developers and programmers plus people with good thinking skills

Where I Need the Most Help

Designing this app.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

It is a good project , it can help millions who suffer from the hands of the criminals with just a simple one click.Think about it if anything like this happens to any one of you, you need help.

Supporting Material & Info

Check google for the latest reports on crimes.

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InstaSecure Application