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The life of People,protect the chain values of an artist,research new ideas & concept

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Project Overview

Creative Beats Private Limited (CBPL) is one of the registered company of Nepal providing different facilities, learning & research work through documentation, Visualizations, recording and advertising. This is one of the media source presenting & broadcastings the doing activities through National & international Social Media. This company is started through registered different audio songs & Visualizing & growing its business and developing the skills of designing & researching the community perspectives.

Current Task in Progress

Currently we have been promoting the skills of designing, Visualizing the registered audio songs, research new things doing from the market & creating the profile of the company, yearly auditing, promoting new skills of software & seeking sponsorship from the national & international market.
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Currently we have promoting the design facilities with the help of Naulo Carpet Industries, research & news preparation & visualizing the audio songs, searching & the good team mates to promote & auditing, prepare progress reports, seeking for sponsorship fund from the National & International Markets. Planning for the share distribution in the public. Profile making for the online business.

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

We are looking for the excellent teammates so that we could promote the man power & promote the business category both in hardware & software from Nepal.

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We are looking for the promoters & sponsorship and further skilled manpower to promote the new business from Nepal.

Where I Need the Most Help

We want the sponsorship & share distribution and started to online business promote the office site.

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Most help will be registering the new audio songs & visual broad castings & organizing different events as in public awareness.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

I am the founder of this project & I have some of the known skills in music & rug designing also knowledge about the adverting skills in the community & engaged in development sectors through learning skills inside the cultural perspective since the childhood.

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Supporting Material & Info

Office equipments,computer other necessary materials as needed

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