Quadcopter A to Z

Building a Quadcopter from the basics.

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Project Overview

We will be making a quadcopter from scratch. This is for people who know nothing about a quadcopter but would love to make one

How To Receive Resume Credit

Members can choose the area of interest in a quadcopter. Completion of
respective tasks on time is the only expectation.

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

Although I have been covering all fields by myself in my projects, from coding to electronics to mechanics, i would like people to come forward and express their interests in one of them, and i’ll make sure everyone who joins the team, does benefit in all the fields and becomes self sufficient in making a quadcopter alone. The coolest part is, even i don’t know everything about making a quadcopter ,but I am determined enough to complete it even if it takes a little extra time.

Where I Need the Most Help

I am getting good readings from my IMU(inertial measurement unit) and i have complete understanding of the same code. Also, I am aware of the electronics that goes into making the quad. I am presently into understanding the mathematical model and control system that must be incorporated. I would require assistance speeding up things and also to add features like GPS incorporation. Everyone willing to help is welcome.

Why Sponsor This Project?

I am developing an end-to-end guide for making a quadcopter. with the help of this guide, i believe, anyone interested would be able to make a quad from scratch. There is a huge market for UAVs in the present world. People are struggling hard for making this project. Hence a consolidated AtoZ guide has a huge potential in economic terms as well as driving the community as a whole.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

It is fascinating to see how nature has designed things that are so beautiful. It’s intriguing and arouse our curiosity to know them more. An ant is such a small creature, but even that has the conscience to sense, move and follow the other ants. Systems are too complex to design at that scale, and when it comes to flying insects, the complexities take another level. It is really fascinating to find the small flying insects doing so many things with such a small size and its amazing to find the complex muscle motions that these insects might be doing to achieve those tasks. Reducing mechanism complexities and making them efficient has always been man’s dream. No one does it better than nature that has undergone years of evolution making them more efficient than any mechanism we can design presently. I believe that projects like Quadcopter are an attempt to take us closer to nature and appreciate the beauty of it. Hence, studying systems like these can definitely help us for the betterment of mankind. And above all, to succeed it is a must to be passionate about it along with the skill set one has.

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