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Making prototype of Hyperloop

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Making prototype of Hyperloop Creating the worlds fastest transportation using less power consumption and echo friendly.


Hyperloop is a new way to move people or things anywhere in the world quickly, safely, efficiently, on-demand and with minimal impact to the environment. The system uses electric propulsion to accelerate a passenger or cargo vehicle through a tube in a low pressure environment. The autonomous vehicle levitates slightly above the track and glides at faster-than-airline speeds over long distances. We eliminate direct emissions, noise, delay, weather concerns and pilot error. It’s the next mode of transportation.

Task in Progress

I am trying to make projects related to hyperloop technology
It actually works on Maglev lift.
There are many projects that can be done using maglev lift.

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

I am actually working on Hendo Hoverboard.
you can see the link below

Where I Need the Most Help

i need most of the help in design of hoverboard and electronics. then taking our project upto hyperloop prototype.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

I found very interesting about this project because this is echo friendly, consumes less power and high speed transportation.


HyperLoop Team Checklist

Hello every one, we need to reduce our work by dividing teams.
Please check out your interests and start off with the task which you are interested.

  • Compression sub-team:

Mounting a gaint compressor fan on the front of the capsule is what makes the Hyperloop possible, transfering huge volumes of air away from nose. with out it the pod would be pushing all the air infront of it, like a syringe, or you’d have to spend big bucks on a bigger tube respect the Kantrowitz limit-the top speed allowable given a tube-to-pod-area ratio.
Please form a team for design of compressor.

  • Levitation /Breaking Sub-team:

The pod utilizes a passive magnetic levitation system that incorporates two arrays of 20 neodymium magnets. after liftoff, the pod will maintain a 15mm levitation gap height at cruising speed and a peak lift-to-drag ratio of 14.
Please form a team for levitation.

  • Propulsion/Stabilization sub-team:

The Hyperloop capsule speeds along a “magnetic river” propelled by linear induction motors spaced along the tube or installed as a continuous strip. Linear induction, used on Maglev trains and the Toei Oedo line in tokyo’s subway, has no moving parts and low maintenance costs.
please do join as team for compression and propulsion.

  • Steel mechanical design sub-team:

Hyperloop company claims for new material that is 10X stronger than steel and 5X lighter than aluminum. Please share your ideas about design, using materials and aerodynamics.

  • Vaccum tube build and design sub-team:

Capsules will travel in a near-vaccum to reduce drag significantly. Valves and pumps will keep internal air pressure at about 100 Pascals, or one-thousandth the air pressure at sea level. A little nitrogen may be injected into the tube as a desiccant.
Please share ideas and design for Vaccum tube.

  • Coordination and support team:-

Members who are well versed in their respective areas need to identify and inform suitably for the formation and take responsibility in their respective areas.

  • For Team:

Team invokes HyperLoop Pod development with focus on Computer Communication systems as well as Modular Pay Load System and Much more.

We got an amazing team and i can see the project will be so successful. I Thank each and everyone for joining this project.
Please feel free to share your ideas.
Thank you,

Team members and contributors that participate in these tasks will be tagged in a milestone achievement when completed 😃

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