Build a 2d roguelike video game

Build a game like 'Binding of Isaac'

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Nowadays, game development is shifted more towards the design aspect, rather than the actual gameplay. But we're bringing it back !

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Project Overview

Most of the games nowadays don’t have good gameplay, they’re too much focused on creating graphics, that they’re sacrificing gameplay for it. The majority of today’s gaming works consists of monotonous FPSs.

Games like Mario and Contra, even in subpar systems with pixel graphics, had such great gameplay, that people even now remember them as classics.

I’m planning on creating a game with great gameplay and story and would like your help in doing so. The game will be a 2d roguelike game (an example would be ‘binding of Isaac’)

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

Designers (2d)

  • Character designers
  • Level designer
  • Asset designer


  • Anyone interested in coding a game


  • Music (background score)
  • Audio effects (opening door, walking, running, etc)


  • Story
  • Level Design

Where I Need the Most Help

I’m a programmer, so that’s the only thing that I might be able to handle (still any help is appreciated)
I need maximum help in all the other areas

Why Sponsor This Project?

Not planning on sponsors as such, but you can donate if you want to. These donations will be used to host the game and also to compensate the team for working so hard to make the game come true.

Also you can have printed posters or other design stuff, if the designers wish to.

What’s in it for people who join?

An incredible learning opportunity. Also since this will be an open source project, programmers can link their github account and get recognition. Similarly, designers can also share their work in their portfolios.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

It was a dream for me since the very beginning to create a game like this, but due to work I was never able to contribute as of yet. This is my chance to make my dream come true.

Supporting Material & Info

I don’t know how you guys do things here, but this is how we’re going to proceed, for each of the categories mentioned above (programmer, designer, thinker and audio), there’ll be a team lead. I’ll be the programming team lead (for now), until I get a guy more knowledgeable and passionate than me.

The 4 team lead can have any number of members with them, as long as they’re able to complete tasks on time. I can see that many of the projects here are left as cliffhangers, I don’t want this to be one of that !

If a leader is not efficient enough or MIA, then he’ll be replaced.


Completed List:

  • Choose each team Leader
  • Complete game Specifications

In Progress List:

  • Story for the game
  • Assign Tasks to each leader
  • Programming of the first level
  • Designing of the first level

To Be Completed:

  • Setup the entire workflow of the project, so that each department can work independently

  • Appropriate name for the game

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