DISHA- Due Integrated Semi Humanoid Android

Semi-Humanoid Robot, at your Service...!!!

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Project Overview

🤖Here we bring DISHA to you🤖
A semi-humanoid robot assistant, helper, service-bot, entertainer or a FRIEND, whatever you need…

We are just 5 students of Ajeenkya DY Patil University, doing B.tech in Mechatronics. We just completed our 1st year and planned to do something different, something unique, something COOL this Summer. And here we came up with an IDEA of Fully Life-size Girl like robot (Yes we are DESPERATELY SINGLE ENGINEERS)😅

But lack of knowledge, experience and help was where we fall.
But then came our BEST TEACHER - INTERNET

We learned as many things as we can from the Internet & Youtube and used ARDUINO as our platform. Though we didn’t copied any stuff like “3D printing Template” or “Codes”. Open source projects like INMOOV was readily available on internet, we could have easily printed those parts and made it, but that won’t give us that FUN of Making & Learning. Hence we just learned basic stuff and started to make our own robot from a Mannequin and giving it live motions…


Where have we reached till now…???

Currently, DISHA is a Pre-programmed Semi-autonomous Robot which…

  • Can be controlled by a Mobile App📱 or by Direct Voice Commands🎙️
  • She can Talk to people when introduced to someone new🔊
  • Her graceful Dance is worth watching💃😍
  • She can Assist people through our college’s lab explaining different projects we made.🤗
  • She is very useful as an Assistant during Felicitation Ceremony, etc. where we need an escort to pass around those Bookey🎍

Future Plans…!

  • We are planing to add an Artificial Intelligence in it so that she can independently talk to people (Something like Chat-bot)🗣️
    As I mentioned earlier, it is already voice controlled so it seems like it has an AI, but it isn’t. So we need to develop it.
  • Adding Computer-vision so that she can recognize and memorize faces of people and also know different objects.
  • Including some sort of Machine Learning so that she can understand an teach herself new things.
  • In short- Making Her a REAL ROBOT🤖

Where We Need the Most Help

Right now DISHA is pre-programmed to do specific task on receiving specific Voice-commands, but we want to make her Intelligent and self-sufficient. She must be independently talking to people. And hence we want your help to develop an AI (Artificial Intelligence) for her.
Someone who has prior experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, OpenCV, TensorFlow, Neural Network or MATLAB can help us make this project more Intelligent

Why Sponsor This Project?💵

Being in 1st Year of Engineering and making such an Awesome project was really a great experience and seriously a thing to be proud of.
But this was just a start…
We still have many plans over this project. And we even have potential to make it possible, but its not possible without your Help or Support.
Unlike other projects with just theoretical stuff, We have already a working prototype for it which we made in just 2 months. And may be that gives it a PLUS point to be trusted on. So if you believe in us, then Please support us in any way you can. You can even fund this project, or else you may contribute your ideas over it or by helping us making a better code or operating system for it. You may even provide useful Mechanical/Electronic parts or Software if you wish.
Any Sort of help would be Appreciated.
Your contribution to this project would be a contribution for the FUTURE ROBOTIC SOCIETY🤖

Why We’re Passionate About This Project? 👬

This Project started just as a fun activity for the summer vacation. But later on as we got more involved into it, the project turned to be our AIM, our DREAM which we wanted to fulfill anyhow. Leaving our Holidays aside, we were working in LAB for nearly 17-18 hours daily! That is true. But we were not doing forcefully, we were enjoying doing this stuff. Some sort of energy was guiding us the whole time through this project.
I can’t specifically say why me and my teammates are sooo passionate about this project, but what ever it is, we are totally into it.

How We Made It…???

To know complete procedure that how we made it,
Like & follow our Facebook Page- Saturn Robotics

We upload our Project Update related pic there regularly…
You may find more detailed pics and it’s working videos related to this Project on your FB Page.

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