Wind Power

Electricity from wind

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Electricity from wind with minimum cost. Everything in this project is used parts of old devices except wings and magnets.

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Project Overview

Getting energy from wind with minimum cost.

(Please do not hesitate to contribute to the project with your suggestions to make it better and possible for the ones who wants to build them too. Please take consider affordable suggestions even recycling and/or reusing. For the electronic circuits, you can send drawings or links where we will be able to find. )

This is my first propeller, made of polyester and used pipes.

This is its dynamo. It was made of used air condition in house ventilation motor. Giving approx. 20 V. with a good wind.

This is my second propeller. It was made of plywood and used pipes. The polyester wings of the first propeller were used as mold.

Its structure;

Its dynamo giving me approx. 40 V with a good wind.

This dymano is made of used washing machine water relay coils. I used old construction iron bars inside of coils. They are fixed around the rotor covered with 4 magnets, inside an old jet water motor case.

For each coil a diode gate is used to increase the efficiency.

Since the major problem of the wind propeller dynamos is; When the magnet is getting closer to the coil, the coil starts to create a current between its two outputs.

When the magnet is right in front of the coil and is getting far from it, the coils polarity changes. So with these diode gates, any polarity is added without loss and the efficiency increases.

With a solar panel of 20V. I got approx. 70 Volts. with a good wind.

Adding two tribunes and one solar panel powers.

Adding the powers and the charge control circuit.

Checking the charge on a single battery.

The battery used in this project.

What I Want to Accomplish

Figuring out the Electronic parts, circuits, storage devices and converters.

Where I Need the Most Help

I am trying to learn about designing electronic parts, charging circuits, storage devices and converters.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

Because I am in a worry about our world.

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