3D Platformer Game

Let's combine our skills and create a 3d Platformer game

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Let's combine our skills and create a 3d Platformer game Let's create a memorable game as Mario and Sonic were in the Nintendo and Sega days

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Project Overview

A platformer is a video game which requires a player to navigate suspended platforms, avoid obstacles and defeat enemies to proceed. The aim of this project is to create a beautiful and enjoyable platformer game for the new generation. This project is inspired by games like Mario, Sonic, Bionic Commando and MegaMan.

Mario maneuvering through difficult enemies to save his princess.

Megaman facing great odds to save the world from evil.

Current Task in Progress

This project is in the stage of assembling a team of passionate game developers and artists to take this dream and shape it into an gorgeous and engaging experience.

Another task in the pipeline is the creation of the story for the game.

Project Steps

The project is divided into the following steps.

  • Team formation
  • Story Writing
  • Choosing a game engine (Unity3d/UE4)
  • Game Mechanics
  • Game Design
  • Creation of art assets
  • Programming

Where I Need the Most Help

I need help with art assets and setting up the game world. I am a great programmer but my aesthetic sense is not very good so I need help with that.
I think that game art consists of the following parts:

  • Character Creation
  • Character Animation
  • Setting up game world
  • Level design (Placements of objects)

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

I am an passionate gamer. I am in love with video games. I want to create games for people so, they can enjoy.

Game Engine

I want to work either in UE4 or Unity3d. My preference is UE4 but the choice will be made upon what the team decides.

Platforms where game will be released

The plan is to release the game on Steam first and then look into releasing it onto console.

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3D Platformer Game