Navigation for the Blind

Let’s make a maps app for the blind to allow them to wander around freely

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Project Overview

The project is about developing an android application for blind people that will process an area map from Google Maps and and generate some 3D audio signals at that will assist a person with visual impairment to navigate around more confidently. Along with that there will be custom verbal assistant just like Google Now but more optimized to assist blind person in navigating around

Current Task in Progress

The project has no clear face yet, clear bounds and limitations for the project are yet to be determined. We need to brainstorm on different possibilities and challenges there could be while developing such a project

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

Looking for anyone who have experience in playing with 3d sounds specially generating them in a pattern and android developers. I am an android developer but I have no idea how the audio manipulation and generating clear 3D audio signals work.

I am also looking for people who can help me define clear goals for project and help me network with people who can fund us as I am planning on making it available openly.

Where I Need the Most Help

I think I will require most help in generating digital 3D audio signals in order to assist user visualize the area around.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

I will share a story here, about two years back there was a blind kid who used to pass by my location about everyday by only using a stick, this made me curious to think how difficult would it be to reach out to his place everyday, it must have taken a hard time for him to remember his location and keep in mind every turn and every road he crossed when he is away.

One day I followed him along quietly and observed him to see how he does that, when he was about to end his walk, I approached him and asked him on how. His story really inspired me and I told him that one day I will device a setup with which you can tell exactly where you are now and which side you have to travel to get to your target location.

Looking back to what I said to him now, I really think this can be developed in a much much better way then I imagined it to be that day. But I really cant do this alone, I really need all the help I can get from you guys and accomplish this in a way never imagined before.

Project Repositories

app repository: https://github.com/noumantahir/nav_for_blind_app
server repository: https://github.com/rlancer/nav-for-blind-server

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