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Project Overview

Since I was young (about the age of 7) I’ve been a huge fan of D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). The sheer amount of detail, imagination and thought that has gone into the realms that have been created by many different people over the many years, generations in fact, it was and still is a major influence and inspiration in my life.
The idea behind this project is to create a brand new fantasy world, to do away with the standard tropes that we see every day on TV, in movies, games and books. Think of worlds like Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings or The World of Ice and Fire from Game of Thrones and there are many many more, all of these are set in a medieval-esque style setting, usually people wearing armor, good vs evil etc… We want to break out from that but still maintain the ability for people to relate which is why we are looking for writers as well as thinkers and dreamers. This isn’t a project that will have a time limit or a schedule, at least not yet, this is an opportunity for you to let your mind wander freely and see what ignites!

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

We are currently looking for writers with a creative flare, people with original ideas and dreamers who can communicate their imagination to the rest of the project team.

Where I Need the Most Help

I need ideas! :)

What’s in it for people who join?

The chance to be part of a team that created a whole new world or an entire Universe (we’ll see how far our imagination can take us).

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

Most of you know about my love for games and art, well I like to write too. My fascination with fantasy far outweighs anything else but I’ve seen the same thing repeated over and over again too often and I see this as a opportunity to create and deliver something unique. I’m well aware that this is a huge undertaking and not your regular project but I think it can be used as a creative escape for most people as well as something everyone taking part can be proud of, also good writing practice.

Supporting Material & Info

What world-building involves

Creating imaginary worlds – the construction of entirely fictional universes, found primarily in fantasy genres.
It might sound simple but it is actually one of the most complex types of world building there is. All the details that go into creating a world include the geography, it’s history, languages, religions, lore, races, customs, this list could go on and on and none of it should be overlooked.

  • First we find a starting point, it can be as simple as an object or item in that world or as elaborate as J. R. R. Tolkien’s starting point which was a whole language.
  • After, we can begin to work out the details to make a believable, consistent imaginary world by asking questions about the world we are trying to create. Imagine you are describing your hometown to someone who has never visited, all the details that you would include to give them that mental picture of where you live.
    There’s a fantastic list of questions you can ask here http://www.sfwa.org/2009/08/fantasy-worldbuilding-questions/
  • Don’t forget to draw inspiration from real life and think about the implications of when reality and fantasy collide.
  • Remember Fantasy is vast and has many sub-genres i.e. horror

Why Am I doing this?

Some of you may be wondering what the long term goal is here and it’s really a simple one. Eventually we will come to a point where we have enough information about our world/universe to write a story within this imaginary place. We will collaboratively write this story and from there my hope is that it will be turned into an interactive text-based fantasy adventure game using Quest (http://textadventures.co.uk/quest) and will be playable on PCs and tablets, therefore we will eventually need programmers but not yet. This is simply the first stage.

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