We Helped Roombot, Room Cleaning Bot Move Forward

Help with the design and fabrication of a room cleaning robot named ROOMBOT.

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Have you ever imagined a toy(trust me it is much more complex than a toy) like machine can be your partner in daily household chores? Yes .The time has come for it to become a reality with our tiny little room cleaning robot named ROOMBOT
Check out the video of our first prototype



Business Plan

While it is a fact that these bots already exist, our aim is to make ROOMBOT smarter, economical and more user-friendly which makes it one of a kind. Just to give an example, you can see what your partner is doing by using an app and also control it via phone(Sounds more like a game,doesn’t it?) .

We plan to make this Bot popular through social media Platforms, Tech platforms and of course by reaching out to people who would be willing to be a part of affordable cleaning solution which we are going to provide in the form of ROOMBOT.

Why Help Us?

Your generous contribution would help us convert this prototype into an affordable product.

Any type of assistance from our sponsors would greatly help us invest into making this lovely piece of technology more affordable and user-friendly, making lives better and giving an opportunity for people to invest their time into more productive work, or rather just relax.

We need sponsorship in order to reduce the cost of the product by buying the components in bulk and to establish the tooling infrastructure. We have already reached out to the suppliers and have the necessary logistics in place.

Technical Part Of Roombot

“Roombot would be equipped with an advanced mapping technology which ensures that no corner of your room is left uncleaned. The RSSI-based system tracks the motion of the bot taking reference from the fixed beacons in the room. Roombot understands and learns the environment better with every use, constantly making it better. The multiple sensors embedded into the bot prevents the undesired collisions and also the cliff sensors avoid it from tumbling down the stairs.”

Roombot can be operated in two modes:
2)Phone Controlled.

  1. Autonomous Mode
    In autonomous mode, Roombot drives throughout the room and collects the dust through it’s vacuum cleaning system.After cleaning the whole room it sends notification to the user’s phone through connected bluetooth device or via the Internet.
    Roombot is directly connected to Internet, so user can set schedule time or with a single click start it’s working and receive the status even if he/she is out of station.

  2. Phone Controlled Mode
    In this mode, Roombot is controlled by the phone via bluetooth or directly from the Internet.
    Roombot is live streamith the webcam, by using Kandy.io API’s we can livestream the video from Roombot to , ser’s phone. With the help of firebase real time database it can be controlled at realtime. This mode can be used if user wants to clean particular area manually.

Vacuum Pump Design

We are working on fabrication of the vacuum pump now .Check out the initial sketch and concept design

We are using 5cm long propeller ,85 mm coreless DC motor and Centrifugal pump like eccentric enclosure

It wasn’t possible for Roombot to reach here without help of collaborizm and my team
Let me introduce them
We have
= Harsha Alva :Mechanical Engineer and a software developer
=Tejas Ozarkar:Android Developer and robotics enthusiast
=Claran Martis:Embedded design engineer
=Anish : Mechanical Engineer ,Digital marketing enthusiast
= Ananth Shetty: Mechanical Engineer and SEO specialist

Help us to bring this technology to everyone .Let’s show the world the power of teamwork ,the power of building a product with collective effort from different parts of the world on collaborizm

Here the new our design of second prototype

Thank you

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