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To design a suit for mountaineers that can withstand weather conditions at 9000m and provide urgent life support in case of avalanche.


Project Overview

Charting the number of fatal accidents on Mount Everest’s major climbing routes in 2014.

The image below show the reasons of death on Mount Everest

Some of reson for death are

  • Avalanche
  • Exposure
  • Altitude Sickness
  • Heart attack
  • Exhaustion
  • Fall into crevasse
  • Cereral oedema

Even with the modern suits and modern gadgets the death rate are still increasing , So I believe in chances of improving the survival of each mountaineer by the designing a suit project named Mark I -Saviour which capable of meet the expectation of mountaineers

Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

Fresh Engineers and Experts interested in

  • Medical field
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Material Science
  • Thermodynamics
  • Pneumatics
  • Mountaineers
  • Chemists
  • Electrical and Communication Engineers
  • Graphic Designers

Where I Need the Most Help

This is my first project so I need help and suggestions in all area.

Why Sponsor This Project?

we are going in need of financial assist in the period of building and testing of prototype,

What’s in it for people who join?

Applying the laws and principals that learned in Engineering course.
A stepping stone to careers.
Understand the Challenges and Difficulties in real world.
Carrer start

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

Because of disaster on 3 February 2016 , an avalanche hit an Indian military base in northern Siachen Glacier region, trapping 10 soldiers under deep snow

this is a block quote
Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad, an Indian soldier with the 19th battalion of the Madras Regiment of the Indian Army, survived the massive avalanche and was found during post-disaster avalanche rescue operations by the Indian Army, six days after the disaster. He was rescued from 35 feet beneath the snow in -45 °C temperatures, six days after an avalanche hit an Indian Army post in Siachen, at an altitude of 19,600 feet. His health was critical, but survival news gave family members a chance to celebrate. Nine other personnel at the post, including a junior commissioned officer (JCO) of Madras Regiment, died in the incident. His family’s and the country’s celebration was short-lived as he eventually died at the military Hospital in New Delhi due to multiple organ failure.
this is a block quote

Even with the modern suits the survival rate of each person in the case avalanche are very small, and they fail to provide life support and fail to sent distress signal to track them.


Supporting Material & Info

…supporting material goes here!


In Progress List:

  • Inviting team members

  • Adjusting Statorgy
    To Be Completed:
    Only team members can see what are the phases

  • Phase 1
    Summery: (Will be posted)

  • Phase 2
    Summery: (Will be posted)

  • Phase 3
    Summery: (Will be posted)

  • Phase 4
    Summery: (Will be posted)

  • Phase 5
    Summery: (Will be posted)

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