Codename: HomeBot

A hackable toy for teenagers and enthusiasts to learn, interact and play with

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Nouman TahirTechnical Project Manger at Collaborizm | Android/iOS Contractor
Mahesh Kumar R
Abdul Hadi
Vigil Karottukara
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Update 12th Oct, 17 : Changed project scope from closed source to open source so anyone interested can built up HomeBot at home from scratch and customize every bit of it.

Project Overview

After success of HomeBot as a hackathon project, HomeBot progresses to whole new and larger market of Hackable Toys. The current hardware and software will evolve to support fully customizable robot of teenagers and enthusiast to upgrade the basic robot, learn basic concepts of programming through graphical environment and interact with the robot in a playable and enjoyable manner.

For the first set of features, there will be a robot that can act and interact with physical emotions, can speak with an attractive voice, it will have an admin app to control, program and update the software, a bunch built in sensors and slots of upgrading the experience with just a snap. First set of upgrades will include slots of adding Lego Mindstorm blocks and will introduce a new way of playing with Lego.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

I think Project: HomeBot can be a great way for kids to learn programming and building up things in much more fun and interactive manner.I will not only be beneficial for kids but will also open new ways of modular robotics for young adults and enthusiasts

Supporting Material & Info

This is the era of IOT, physical computing and robotics. And its really important for teenagers with eagerness to learn about technology to expose themselves to these concepts.


Archieved Files - IOT Hackathon - Android based gyro controlled robot wih first person view

Project Overview

Say you are not at home and a guest rings your doorbell and you wanna know who is there and also wanna receive him like you are actually there or say you live away from your family and wanna be with them like you are actually there. So, what would you do…!

Well, this robot might help you in some way, using this robot and the power of Kandy.io people will able to feel their presence somewhere else, they can move around the house, look at stuff around, talk to people via robot and even receive guests as it will also share connection between doorbell and robot.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

This is the era of IOT and everything is connected these days but I wanna take a step furhter and make low cost robotics possible for everyone so people may have there personal bots at home

Supporting Material & Info

For this project we will be using either a pair of Android Devices or An Android, RPi combo with 1 or 2 external connected peripherals attached wirelessly. the communication means will be robust interface of Kandy.io

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