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Building a high speed algorithm for trading.

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Project Overview

I have been writing algorithm for news trading on the Chicago stock exchange. We receive news from the company and we have about 400 microseconds when the market starts to react to the news. Each news article has data that affect or do not affect the market. To find out, you need to handle the data.

My programmer said that it was possible to process as quickly as possible, you should use ready templates that will be stored in the cache.

Marketplace can send the order to an exchange for 10 to 20 microseconds. We need too know how long we will be able to process the news data and create complex order. The programmer suspects that we will not be able to do it for 100, 200, 300 microseconds.

We need to know, does anyone have similar experience or solution high-speed processing of algorithms. API trading platform works in C++

Note: “Quantum Teleport” is being used in the figurative sense, for hyperspeed, not actually leveraging quantum physics 😃.

Project Steps

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  • Launch Project on Collaborizm
  • Discuss how to build this type of high speed processing algorithm
  • Find team members and people knowledgeable
  • Find C++ skills
  • Find API Trading Platform Knowledge in the Collaborizm Community

Where I Need the Most Help

  • Developing high speed processing algorithms.
  • Finding people who are interested in building high speed processing algorithms
  • #C++
  • API Trading Platform knowledge

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

My friend @stan referred me to the platform. I am passionate about this Project! The fact that the exchange a lot of data. I never did algorithms. So I can not predict the possible scale of the study. Beckons me metaphysical possibility, to find the best technical solutions. The exchange takes 11 years. So I have an understanding of how it works. But in the field of battle quanta and high-speed, I don’t know.

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