Traffic Management using AI and UAVs

Using Regression curves and predictive models along with aerial vehicles to solve traffic issues

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Project Overview

Through this project I want to solve the problem of traffic congestion faced by common men every day when they are commuting to work or otherwise. This research idea will make use of Artificial Intelligence to be able to better monitor traffic control. Also I plan to use UAVs to be able to remotely monitor and get a dynamic view of the traffic situation to control the traffic.

What I Want to Accomplish

The main objectives of this project are
• To use the concept of Artificial Intelligence ( Machine Learning ) to be able to solve traffic related issues
• To use UAV technology and software to be able to get a dynamic view of the traffic situation below
• Also to use a remote system in traffic management hub which has a database of all important locations to inform them so that they can provide assistance

Where I Need the Most Help

• How to build and operate a UAV and know the software involved to operate it
• To find the sensor which will be sense the number of vehicles most accurately
• To have an in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning to draw regression curves of volume of vehicles against the time of the day
• To know the working of Global Positioning System to be able to feed coordinates to the UAV

I believe that this knowledge will be sufficient to be able to complete the project.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

Actually it goes without saying that traffic has become an irritant in our day-to-day lives. The problem is further aggravated due to the increase in vehicles and no corresponding change in the traffic control. This, further leads to various physical and mental problems like accidents, mental stress, reduced efficiency in the workplace, frustration and so on. Hence I feel that there is a need for this problem to have a different approach or solution which is what i am trying to provide.

Also there are further problems like calamities faced on the roads like accidents, medical emergencies etc. which can be given immediate attention and help if there is a way of analysing the whole situation which is where the UAV fits in.

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