Nuclear Battery

Methods of generating electricity by utilizing artificially induced radioactivity in non radioactive materials

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Everything is Energy! i.e. waves, waves have resonance frequencies and sub harmonics. Let's do something with this knowledge.

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Project Overview

This project is an effort to utilize artificially induced radioactivity in non radioactive materials to generate electricity. Contradictory to main stream science radioactivity is a secondary effect rather than primary nature of an atom. Every atom can be made radioactive if provided suitable external stimulus.

All the matter in the universe has wave particle duality. Solidity is an illusion, all the matter in the universe is energy in its raw form. This energy is nothing but the vibrating space or Akash or Ether according to ancient scriptures.

Every wave in the universe has it’s specific resonance frequencies and their sub harmonics. Resonances can be achieved at matching natural frequencies or it’s sub harmonics.

According to Quantum mechanics, the natural resonance frequencies for atoms are in the orders that can’t be achieved economically with current equipments which are available today.

This project utilizes the sub harmonics resonance frequencies of nucleus to make them unstable and utilize the released sub atomic particles to generate electricity.

What I Want to Accomplish

I want to make a portable high powered, high energy and long life electricity generator.

Where I Need the Most Help

I want to setup my lab. I’m looking for people who can help me find the necessary equipments, legal rights to do such experiments, and need few competent assistants.

Why I’m Passionate About This Project

I want to see all deserts on the Earth to be reforested.

I want to breath in the fresh air.

I want to end poverty on the earth.

I want to have a flying car!

All this is possible with clean and cheap nuclear energy!

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Nuclear Battery