EMG Based Remote Bomb Dispoal Device

Having the control of a human minus the threat of losing one

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A network of sensors (with the primary focus being on EMG) that produce precise, real-time signals that allow multidimensional control

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The Situation

Throughout the years of the conflicts in the middle east, it has been estimated that around 500 US soldiers were killed due to IEDs and even more wounded.

Though the most deadly aspect of an IED is its unpredictability, creating a controller that would allow disposal technicians full autonomous control over a bomb disposal unit would provide a significant advantage on the warzone and even in domestic conflicts.

The End Goal

Through utilizing the EMG coupled with a network other various sensors, I would like to create a controller that can map the individual movements around a human hand - in hopes of aiding soldiers and law enforcement in disposing of hazardous materials (such as a bomb).
This would most likely not be a commercial project due to the nature of the human anatomy. I can imagine it requiring thorough calibrations for each individual to grant precision in the scope of a human hand.

EMG (Electromyography)

Electromyography (EMG) is an electrical recording of muscle activity that aids in the diagnosis of neuromuscular disease.
Purpose - Mayoclinic

When our muscles contract due to the signals sent to the motor neurons by our brains, there is a amount of electrical potential that changes - which can be recorded by probes (both invasive and non-invasive).
These signals tend to be characteristically random due to the vast amount of tissue that also emulate an electrical potential difference, as well as environmental factors, but can be filtered down to produce a reliable range of outcomes.

I believe we can couple this technology with a system of other sensors to create a multi-dimensional controller that would enable the precision required to even dispose of bombs (or play video games 😃)

Current Challenges

(More to come)

  • Before anything can be done, a team of like minded, qualified individuals is needed
  1. Acquire a EMG device (could use my school’s but would rather not due to the legality of it)
  2. Find out how precise readings can be just through EMG
  3. Find out how much accessory sensors (such as Leapmotion https://www.leapmotion.com/) can contribute in readings
  4. Determine if this project IS FEASIBLE
  5. Create and prototype! (more to be added here)

#What I Wish to Gain from Collaborizm

  • Ideas to help advance the project
  • Access to remote testing equipment
  • Team members willing to commit to the project
  • New minds to help critique the project and its goals

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