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Grow the healthiest food at home with hydroponic sprouter

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Cheap, fresh, organic food affordable to EVERYONE

Not all of us can be gardeners. But we all eat. Fact is, if you don’t grow your own, someone has to do it for you. Not a bad concept, but in reality, we’re on the losing end. A trip to the supermarket proves it. The lettuce is lifeless; the spinach is wilting and dark around the edges. You don’t dare to eat the fruit for fear of fumigants, fertilizers, pesticides and the like. We’re eating less and less of the healthiest foods on the planet — fresh fruits and vegetables. Where are the fruits and vegetables? For the most part, you’ll find them in the canned food aisle. No wonder kids grow up never liking their vegetables! Of course, you could shop at the health food store. But organic produce, if it is available at all, sometimes costs more than you can afford to spend.

Here’s where apartment gardening comes in. Every week a new harvest of fresh baby greens matures right in your own kitchen. No tools to buy, no big investment in garden equipment, no bugs or weather to worry about and no dirt. A handful of seeds and 9 inches of counter-top space is all you need. Light is no problem — normal daylight is all you need. For such little effort, the possibilities are magnificent — 30 delicious varieties of fresh, nutritious indoor greens and baby vegetables, enough to feed the whole family.

This is what I want to make available to everyone on the planet, not just the developed countries. In my opinion sprouts and greens are the best food choice for the future generations - they are pure, organic and contain all the required minerals, enzymes and vitamins to keep the body in perfect health.

Before we continue, let me tell you our story. Because it was the inner drive, the inspiration behind the sprouter I am going to show you. With a diet rich of sprouts we completely reversed our son’s tooth decay and recovered his broken teeth! See his amazing story: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=853356334773519&set=o.142145073961
The results were truly miraculous and I realized that sprouts are not just food, they are medicine! You remember what Hippocrates, the father of medicine said? “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” It trully is.

After 4 years of extensive research, testing and development I came out with a cheap tabletop automatic hydroponic system that provides abundance of green food all year round, for the whole family

The unit, which I call Mikroferma, is made from parts that are easy to find in local super markets and hardware stores; food box, computer fan, coffee machine pump, food trays, etc. The only unique part is the electronic control board. It controls the whole process of growing and is developed with few levels of protection and control.

I have been assembling and selling the sprouter to a limited circle of local customers. The feedback from them, * based on over 2000 distributed sprouters is very positive!*.

Here is my boy (the one with the recovered teeth), helping me assemble prototype sprouters 😃)

My goal is to bring this machine to the world and make it available to poor countries, where food is a problem or the climate does not allow growing of fresh food.

The machine, as you see, is not professionally looking, and that is the main reason it does not sell, but I find it to be the best advantage:

  • Since it is all hand built, this simple design allows instant changes. It underwent many modifications in the last five years - for example on earlier models there were round grilles to make it look nicer.

But they proved to be a problem - water would collect in the holes and drip out of the box. So I stopped using them and started drilling the ventilation holes in the top cover instead. Imagine if I had paid for a costly mould, just to find out that it had design flaws in it!

  • It can be manufactured in most parts of the world, either Africa or Australia. It is made of generic parts that can be found in the local stores or ordered online.
  • The unit is stackable - yes, you can stack up to 3 units one over the other like this

and each additional container would cost just $22! So with as little as $100 one can build a unit that will supply the whole family with fresh food, all year round.

  • You can grow mushrooms in it!

Here are few photos of what you can grow in it:

sunflower greens - very rich in proteins. In fact they contain as much proteins as chicken!

Alfalfa and sunflower greens inside the sprouter.

Broccoli greens right out of the sprouter

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