Arduino Pizza Drone Project

My drone needs to be able to fly in doors. I need help right now developing the circuit schematic and parts list!

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My drone needs to be able to fly in doors. I need help right now developing the circuit schematic and parts list!


Project Roadmap

  • Debug Circuit with team 😃
  • Team design of the reel mechanism
  • Have a team member co assemble the project.
  • Assembly of reel prototype
  • Assembly of all code and parts to date

see Outline Below

Current Task

We are currently working on prototyping the drone and designing the coffee holder.

Work Done So Far

Project Story & Background

I’m not really sure what it is, but anytime I look at that thing (my arduino uno) I start to salivate. It’s kind of like looking at a bunch of pieces of delicious candy, and you really can’t take your mind off of it. There’s just so much potential in that thing, but sometimes that’s what inhibits you from acting on an Arduino idea: you don’t know which idea to go with.

But today, I am going to make a hard decision, I am going to build one of the ideas my teammates and I have been talking about for some time: a Drone that has an Arduino board attached, that will enable us to drop a fishing line. This fishing line will be able to move up and down vertically, and essentially be able to deliver anything from an actual fishing line, to a drink, pizza, or a note to someone across the office floor at WeWork.
I want to work on…

My idea is to leverage a pre built drone kit (I need serious help determining which kit to purchase I should mention). The drone HAS to be able to fly in doors safely, as it’s going to be delivering pizza, coffee, and other beverages around the office space.

I believe the simplest execution is to leverage a bluetooth module that connects to an arduino which is controlled by my mac (which is ok, because I am going to be sitting at my desk).

Next Steps for the Project:

  • Which drone kit should we purchase and why?
  • Is this basic invention feasible? Can it handle this payload and maintain stability in doors?
  • How should we specifically design the reel mechanism?
  • What parts are needed?
  • What does the circuit schematic look like?

Some Code I Need Help With

SoftwareSerial Genotronex(10, 11); // RX, TX
int ledpin=13; // led on D13 will show blink on / off
int BluetoothData; // the data given from Computer

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
  Genotronex.println("Bluetooth On please press 1 or 0 blink LED ..");

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
   if (Genotronex.available()){
   if(BluetoothData=='1'){   // if number 1 pressed ....
   Genotronex.println("LED  On D13 ON ! ");
  if (BluetoothData=='0'){// if number 0 pressed ....
   Genotronex.println("LED  On D13 Off ! "); 
delay(100);// prepare for next data ...

I am struggling a bit with this.



  • 1: Initial CAD Design of Reel Mechanism

  • 2: Submission of Sketches of Pizza Drone Design Concepts

  • 3: Creation of Team Google Drive Folder: team still needs to upload the rest of the files and organize them please

  • 4: Presentation and understanding of current designs

In Progress

  • 5: Coffee Holder Design (3D Model/Sketches)

  • 6: Manufacturing/3D Printing the Drone

  • 6 (i) Pick Drone Kit and Order it

  • (6 ii) 3D Print all custom parts and order all custom components

  • (6 iii) Assemble Prototype

From here we will be left with a prototyped pizza/coffee drone

To Be Completed

  • 7: Automation Discussion

Team members and contributors that participate in these tasks will be tagged in a milestone achievement when completed 😃

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