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Building a Chrome extension to help students easily cite their work.

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Our App is a tool that helps students and professionals create great outlines, so that they can create superior written or oral documents based on shared quotations.

Robert Lancer
Tech Lead at Collaborizm
New York, NY, United States
Software engineer but also enjoy writing code.

Bringing the Newsroom to the Classroom

Our app is “Traces” will help users build custom outlines with quotes from our quote database, created on Twitter. Our proprietary citation sharing system will connect opinion with news related evidence to back it up. The ability to share useful quotes and sources of information are huge in the world of journalism.

How it Works

Our app will help uses quickly search by quote to be able to form an opinion on a particular topic. They can organize those thoughts by chosen opinion and then get relevant quotes to agree or refute the opinion. They can then send the custom outline to a word document where they can begin typing their document.

We will use our social media custom outline system to help automate the bibliography and keep up with quotes and paraphrases used in the created text. We want to help our users properly quote and organize information in order to prevent plagiarism errors. Users will be queried for a topic to write on.

Once users drags one of thesis suggestions into the outline, related news quotes will come up for the student to make their own outline.

This app is the first of a few apps that will enable users to create publishable caliber writing: bringing the newsroom to the classroom.

Application Structure

  • Twitter Integration/Parser
  • Database Store
  • User Information
  • Citation Database
  • Quote Search API
  • Tweet Database
  • Event Bus (Kafka)
  • URL Parsing Service
  • Task in Progress: Creation and Design of initial concepts and layout of Chrome Extension
    (Happening in Discussion, Private Chat, and Team Calls)

Repo for website meta data exetraction https://github.com/rlancer/cite-extension

Team members and contributors that participate in these tasks will be tagged in a milestone achievement when completed 😃

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