Rodolfo Martins
Project Manager for Business and IT
São PauloBrasil
Contributions to next rank: 1

Project Manager working for 13 years leading strategic global projects targeted to delivery quality, performance and results.

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Project Manager
for over a year

• Responsible to create the Project Department, organizing internal & external demands for educational franchised Projects for Governmental and Private companies (national range)
• Governance within Board of Directors, Legal, Commercial, Pedagogic, Franchising and Financial Departments;
• Coaching & training (internal teams & franchised staff) and support presentations, meetings and training for them;
• Customer service (tracking customers, performance, quality feedbacks, implementation & improvements roadmaps);
• Commercial tracking for requisitions, strategic proposal and its scope, tools being used and sales channels;
• Accountable to Chairman executive advisory and representation in company affairs;
• Stakeholder´s management with Secretariats, Directors, Foundations, City Halls and Internal customers (franchised);
• Responsible to leverage “Projeto de Aperfeiçoamento em Idiomas” into the most profitable and visible Project in company´s portfolio (85k participants, 88% profitable and estimated budget of R$350k), replied later in Rio de Janeiro with $550k budget to be implemented in Olympics and World Cup and later on, for other States in Brazil.

Change Manager LATAM
for over a year

• Project Management and chair for Business Readiness working groups for LATAM to reach the milestones accorded;
• Business management (negotiation, strategy and follow-up for Business, Software Delivery and Digital Channels);
• Project Plan tracking to ensure the effective delivery of Hardware, Software and Development goals;
• Quality Portal, approving the documentation to be submitted to Global Team, making sure if (I) quality were met (II), documented objectives were met (III) there is no ambiguity and (IV) there´s adherence to the global template;
• Promote shows & tells sessions with Change Management and Business Areas, assuring deviations to a minimum;
• Project reporting meetings, sharing status updates for all LATAM working groups and Global Steering Committees;
• Responsible for Project communication to the right audiences, with the right frequencies for each working group;
• Make business analysis and give all the support necessary for the Areas, in order to guarantee the LATAM deliveries;
• Project governance and daily tracking and mitigation of Actions, risks and Issues.

Davene & KM Casa Co.
for over a year

• Multidisciplinary Commercial Project coordination within Sales Administration, IT, Marketing and Financial Departments and external associates for assessment/release for new products, SKUs and commercial expansion;
• Actions tracking and goals management focused in quality, expenses reduction, financial and sales performance;
• Accountable to Chairman and Commercial Department for executive advisory and representation in company affairs;
• Responsible to manage the customer´s database (key for the commercial restructuring plan developed);
• Project documentation, company and departments manuals (as well the “Directive Letter” for the Company);
• Contribution to develop the Commercial plan, making Market and field researches using Nielsen Methodology.

Project Manager
to present

• Commercial support, maintenance and development of suppliers and new sales channels for LATAM, North and Asia markets to buy & offer assorted industrial products for customers;
• Governance to ease negotiation and purchasing processes;
• Daily stakeholder´s management and customer´s database update;
• Reports and meetings with customers in order to assess for deviations and/or if the expected goals are on track.

Project Manager Assistant
for over a year

• Creation of spreadsheets and reports to track monthly financial performance for Engineering and Administrative departments within the Project goals expected and its scope;
• Daily rate checking, monetary conversion and releases into the financial system (using AS400);
• Documentation development to enhance the financial flow and department´s performance, easing the communication between the departments and speeding up the analysis, data consolidation and its updates;

Project Manager
for over a year

• High performance Project Management for Change Delivery, focused to delivery in the best pace, with quality, assertive communication and risk control plus development of Executive reports and Project documentation;
• Governance and tracking for daily tracking of Actions, risks and Issues with Business Area and Working Groups;
• Management using the methodologies of PMI, RBPM, and Business Transformation Framework (BTF) within Clarity and Openworkbench as Project tools;
• America´s Center of Excellence (COE) HSBC Bank member and Focal Point in PM Knowledge Sharing Team;
• Safety Team Prevention (CIPA), Fire Brigade and Buddies Team (to welcome newcomers).

Project Manager Assistant
for over a year

• Control and tracking of labor hours, financial analysis of its data, budget forecast and distribution;
• Management/Operational support for global manager teams, closer to internal customers (IBM) and external;
• Customer´s approach collecting data and making updates in the financial spreadsheets and labor hours reports;
• Meetings and conference calls to present weekly/monthly updates and management reports;

Project Consultant
for less than a year

• Service supplies enhancements and Project improvements (pushing and tracking risks, tasks, actions and its goals);
• Business support, prospecting and presenting new projects for Public Agencies;
• Multidisciplinary management for Environment projects, assigning staff, developing scope, goals and roadmaps;
• Production of press-releases, reports and texts for internet and local media, Events calendar and its structure.

Project and Change Manager
for less than a year

• Development and consolidation on Technology Department within Logistics as a hybrid Change & Project Management Department for LATAM;
• SME´s, Stakeholders and Communication management an d engagement leverage with the teams involved;
• Interaction with Operational, Tech&Dev, Executive and C-Level Project Management (Internal & external teams);
• Reports, dashboards, presentations and support materials for Board of Managers and Steering Committee staff;
• Responsible for governance, tracking of agreements and Actions, mapping of risks and roadmap plan;
• Interaction with UNILEVER plants and Project communication;
• Three months limited-time contract.

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