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Google certified developer with great taste for developing apps targeting markets like social media, health tracking, iot, robotics and more

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Be Aware - Mobile App
for less than a year

Be Aware is an informative application that is targeting teenagers and young adults to assist them with their transitions into independent living. The app can also be used by people of all ages as the information is applied to the daily lives of adults as well. Be Aware will help with issues such as buying/renting a car/house, applying for college, traveling, applying for jobs plus many more!

Domestic Home Utility Robot
for over a year

The project was targeted for building a working prototype of a robot that can accept voice commands and perform basic tasks like fetching, following and talking etc under home/office environment.
My job was to make the robot follow as person upon request also to develop an inverse kinematics for robotic arm to pick and place objects with Kinect in place for feedback.
Development Platform utilized for this purpose was ROS Hydro and base OS was Linux Ubuntu 12.04

Label Designer and Printer Application
for less than a year

Developed a graphical software for designing industrial packaging labels, and interfaced with industrial printers using proprietary interfaces.

  • Software was Developed using Microsoft’s WPF Subsystem.
  • Designer Section allows flexible design features.
  • Communication with printer was done using WinUSB and PCL5 Protocols.
  • Support inserting Barcodes, Serials, Bitmaps and Texts.
  • All Image Formats along with PDF and SVG are supported.
  • Development Environment was Visual Studio 2015.
Afrikasa Social Platform
for less than a year

Afrikasa gives the African continent the power to speak, entertain, discover and share original content instantly, without boundaries. The content, entertainment, lifestyle and discussions on Afrikasa are based on African pop-culture and strictly created for Africans and those living abroad!!.

Afrikasa’s mission is to empower Africans to express themselves, learn about Africa and the world, share news and content live, have fun and entertain each other through comedy, music, sports and more.

Smart Sports sensor for Field Hockey
for less than a year

Complete design and product development of a unique smart sports tracker that uses 6/9 axis quaternion data to show 3d visualization & real time shot metrics for field hockey. Our proprietary motion tracking algorithms provide insightful analytics to users so they can quantify and improve their game. The design requirements included ultra-light weight, ultra-low power, high reliability, impact durability, 9 axis motion tracking, with wireless connectivity (120 meters) over BLE. We’ve since entered into a strategic partnership with this client and have an on-going relationship to manufacture and ship the sensors. We’ve implemented Over the Air Firmware updates via BLE (Android) to allow for upgrading firmware and software features & introducing new features on the same hardware platform. The project involved extensive motion tracking algorithm development and bio-metrics.

The technology can be modified for golf, cricket or baseball.

Pait Pooja (Food Ordering App)
for less than a year

Pait Pooja App is a gorgeous looking rich food ordering app with decorated with smoth animations, App is developed for Pait Pooja Restaurant located in G11 Markaz, Islamabad PK. App shows resturant’s running menu and top items in main page and more items can be accessed further, app also manages a user cart and can sign user in using Google account. App also have an online engine developed in django framework which is used to manage all the menus and food orders, menus gets synced down to app using dedicated sync adapters in app and there are content providers for live data updates. App also has Firebase integrated with it for more robust experience.
There is also an admin app for managing order live and delivery quick and on time.

Vetted (Management app for vets)
for less than a year

Vetted is a framework that every vet can use to manage his/her clients pro actively, track their appointments, manage medications and vaccinations for individual pets, get heads up notification for every appointment and any other important stuff.

Vetted App makes it really easy and fun to manage your e-clinic using just a few finger swipes. Add your availability so clients can book you. Get notified for new appointments and Cancellation of appointment. Get directions to client’s location, notiffy customers about your plans and charge your bills using simple layout we have designed for you. Wanna check previous records about client’s pets and previous bills charged? We have everything stored on our cloud and accessible through mobile app. From medications, vaccinations suggested and Bills charged for each visit to Pet’s race, type and current health status we have everything covered so you can prepare for your visit with all the knowledge you require.

What if you are not available and had some emergency to look out for, Vetted app has that covered for you, just turn off or delete and availability so clients cant book you during that time, you can also cancel an appointment just in case you are unable to reach the client, don’t worry! we will inform your client to have that covered for you."

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