What exactly is Collaborizm?

Collaborizm is the world’s first online virtual collaborative workspace for aspiring Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and Creatives. Meet new people with common passions and interests and build amazing things together.

Is this for students, professionals, both?

Students, professionals, anyone interested in pursuing their passions, helping others, and participating in our global workspace.

Our advice to Commercially Oriented Projects

You don’t have to expose everything out of the gates. Talk about what you NEED HELP ON. Talk about the types of teammates you want to meet. The workspace can still be incredibly valuable to you if you use it for what it was built for: getting help on what you’re working on and discussing your current tasks with other likeminded individuals! See our Protecting Your IP section here: https://www.collaborizm.com/center.

How are we changing the world?

Collaborizm is enabling aspiring minds from across the globe to unite, explore ideas, and help one another, at a degree of efficiency not seen yet to date. Check out the platform and see for yourself.

What types of Projects belong here?

Collaborizm’s fundamental precept is diversity. We encourage a wide variety of project types to cultivate cross pollination in our community. It’s critical to Collaborizm. You will see we not only break up projects by category, but also by PURPOSE. Project Purpose can range from “Learning” to “Commercial”, and everything in between.

Do I need a Project to Parcitipate?

Absolutley not. We are building a global workspace for the creation of opportunity. Projects happen to play an integral role, but at the end of the day the value is in the community and the help it offers to you.

What if I don’t have enough time for a Project?

We designed Collaborizm for this purpose, to help people push their dreams and ideas forward in a realistic enviornment (where one only has so much time to dedicate). We solve this problem by allowing you to accomplish bite size, incremental progress, around your ideas, so that you can make progress weekly on what you’re working on. You do not have to build anything overnight, but you can if you want to :).

Does Collaborizm work on mobile?

Yes, Collaborizm is fully optimized for mobile. Our app is rolling out this Summer 2016.

Project Privacy Settings

You can unlist your Project from the Discover page by Unpublishing it. Anyone with this URL will have access to view the Project. Regular project activity will proceed as usual.

Protecting Your IP

See our Project Leader Resource Center to learn more: https://collaborizm.com/center

Joining Projects

How do I join a Project?

There is a Join Project button on every Project’s Cover Image. Make sure to communicate to the Project Leader what you bring to the team.

What’s Special About Joining a Project?

A closer bond to the project, as well as access to private team communication.

How many Projects can I join?

Right now you can join up to 5 Projects.

Working with My Team

How do I communicate with my Team?

Project discussions are the primary means of team communications. Collaborizm also includes a private Team Leader status post, accessible to teammates only.

What are the privacy settings on a Project?

  • You must request to join a project and receive approval from the Team Leader to join a Project
  • All published Projects are visible by the community on Collaborizm.com/Discover
  • Unpublished Projects will not be discoverable or searchable, however these Projects will still be accessible by their unique project url.
  • All Project Discussions are now currently public to the community
  • Team Leader messages are private- All Roadmap activity is currently public

Why do we default team discussions to public?

A major vision of the Collaboration Revolution is maintaining a consistent actionability of ideas. This can only be manifested completely if the majority of discussions by teams are left out in the open and thus reachable and commentable by anyone. We built Collaborizm for this purpose. We are not here to compete with Slack, or Google Documents.

How do we best use Discussions?

Project discussions are the primary means of team communication. Collaborizm also includes a private Team Leader post, accessible to teammates only.

Participating in the Community

  1. Start Projects
  2. Join Projects
  3. Contribute to Projects
  4. Discuss your passions with other likeminded individuals
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