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an online collaborative workspace for aspiring Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and Creatives.

Our Project Resource Center and FAQ also do a great job answering key questions about the Collaborizm process.
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Collaborizm is an online incubator aiding aspiring entrepreneurs and makers bring their ideas to life in the early stages of creation.

Hire Affordable, Well Vetted Talent

Find elite talent participating in the community. Collaborizm has harvested thousands of the worlds top young engineering talent. And just because their young, doesn’t mean they don’t have multiple years on their belts developing complex hardware and software projects for Customers!

Hit www.collaborizm.com/hire to get started.

Get Navigated

Get help spec’ing out your ideas. The Collaborizm Process focuses on training expert “Community Navigators” who pair to entrepreneurs to help them digest the specifications in their head and get them properly down on paper. Key to this process is helping entrepreneurs simplify their jobs, and de-risk their entrepreneurial journey.

All entrepreneurs that post job listings on www.collaborizm.com/hire will be assigned a Community Navigator.

Get Help from the Community

BUILD. PRODUCTS. SMARTER. By working with a community of over 130,000 engineers and entrepreneurs.

Post on Project on www.collaborizm.com/start to tap into the community brain.

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