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an online collaborative workspace for aspiring Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and Creatives.

Our Project Resource Center and FAQ also do a great job answering key questions about the Collaborizm process.
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Collaborizm is an online incubator aiding aspiring entrepreneurs and makers bring their ideas to life in the early stages of creation.

How the Platform Works

Use our Trust Canvas to Meet New Team Members and Freelancers.

Post and contribute to early stage tasks to feel out potential teammates. Build relationships and feel out potential stakeholders the right way.

★ Play around with the design of a drone wing, see how you work with other potential partners.
★ Discuss part of the design of your new invention with others. See who fits your project team the best.

Hire Talent.

Hire and develop relationships with talent in a new way. Learn all about Collaborizm Freelance here.

★ Get paired to a Community Navigator, develop a gameplan to build your product, and bring it to life with the Collaborizm Community & your Pro Engineer.

Leverage our Global Community.

Lean on our global community as you build your inventions and projects.

★ Building a new invention? Get help on technical implementation and prototyping strategy as you build your project. Over 124,000 engineers + creatives from over 40 different countries are here to chyme in.

For Talent

Show off skills, get jobs.

Technical talent? See how Collaborizm is revolutionizing your ability to work.

More About The Program

Collaborizm, recently featured in The New York Times, is a virtual startup incubator (with over 121K users) and talent marketplace (the talent marketplace officially opens to the greater public today) which pairs non-tech savvy Western entrepreneurs looking to build their prototypes with technically savvy engineers in the East looking to build their resume credentials, find jobs, and receive help with their own entrepreneurial and passion based endeavors.

Eastern users (mostly technically skilled recent graduates) are using the platform to start projects and find teammates as well as mentors who help them structure their projects and push them towards feasible goals for their new startup ideas. These talented young users also help other users with technical tasks to show off their skills and build resume credentials. Western users (mostly aspiring non technically savvy inventors) start projects and hire our top talent to help them build their prototypes.

Customers have been posting jobs on Collaborizm to access our affordable, elite talent and we’ve already processed $100,000 in work since we launched our freelance platform fairly recently to a an exclusive wait list of customers. Our unique competitive advantage - our community-based freelance model - has been in full display.

Our community acts as an “extra team member” for each freelance job by weighing in on both the technical and business implementation of gigs being posted to the platform, which is helpful to both sides of the freelance relationship, i.e., our customer can elicit much needed input from our technophile community, and our skilled freelancer receives input to complete the work in the most efficient way possible.

Success stories include The Nepal’s Light, a solar powered lantern built for Earthquake Victims in Nepal, to The CoffeeBot, a hardware startup with a vision to reinvent how coffee is delivered and retrieved in office spaces, and the SnoCone Kiosk, a snow cone vending machine being brought to life by Collaborizm + two inventors in Beaumont, Texas, previously featured on CNBC Make Me a Millionaire Inventor.

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