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Top Earners

Build Top Notch Apps, Software, and Hardware
at reduced prices with Collaborizm's Freelance Program
Graduating students from all over the world are looking to tackle paid work to build their resumes  Learn More
Tejas Ozarkar
Web & Android/Mobile Developer and Robotics Guy.
Nashik, India
I'm Android, Web Developer and robotics enthusiast.
Mobile Development
Web Development
Arduino Uno
Backend Practices
Nouman Tahir
Mobile and iOT Applications Developer
Sargodha, Pakistan
A passionate applications engineer who love writing codes for mobile world of Android, iOS and iOT. Also engaged into real world robotics.
Raspberry Pi
Harsha Alva
Mechanical Engineer + Software Dev
Mangaluru, India
Mechanical Engineer, Programmer, Android and Web software developer.
Visual Studio
RC Modelling
3D Printing
Raspberry Pi
John Rodrigues
Mechanical Design Engineer |Founder of designwithjohn.com
Honnavar, India
I am a Mechanical design Engineer and founder of designwithjohn.com. Dream-Plan-sketch-design-prototype-repeat
Conceptual Art
Product Design
3D Printing
Arduino Uno
Mechanical Design

Paid Tasks For You

Say Hi to New Members!

Shubham Gupta
Microsoft Office
Harry John
A graduate of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ahmadu Bello University , Nigeria. As an engineer, I am always willing to learn,
Electrical Engineering
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Word
Chukwuemeka Allison
Hey... I'm a geek and tech enthusiast...Physicist and Developer...I love transforming ideas into reality

Success Stories

Getting Funded in The Collaborizm Incubator 💸

Featured user  
Shalini Sundari

I came into Collaborizm with my dream idea – an IoT Learning application for young students, called KiDRINO–>ARDUINO+KIDS. I had no idea what to expect, I was even a little intimidated at first.

But I was motivated to build my dream idea, and I was impressed with all of the activity occurring within the community. So I gave it a shot, and great things happened for me. I feel obligated to share this with newcomers to the community!!

Kickstarting Your Efforts

Make an effort to fill out your profile – show who you are to the community – so people are interested in working with you.

Post Your Project and start uploading sketches, ideas, roadmaps, anything to get things moving.

Start talking to potential teammates in Collaborizm Discussions, even begin to explore ideas with the greater community (which is a lot of fun).

DONT be too sensitive about hiding your ideas. Or you’ll get nowhere.

Finding Funding

The 💸 The Collaborizm Innovator Fund 💸 has been constructed to aid the most active and promising Projects in the Collaborizm Community.

What The Fund is Looking For

✏️️ Projects showing clear step by step roadmaps.

🔧 Projects actively working on tasks with the community.

➡️️ Projects actively showing healthy team-work and task delegation.

If you focus on these things, you can guarantee yourself you’ll be successful here. Get your vision out there, show the community progress, find a few core teammates, and you’ll be off to the races 🏆.

Collaborizm For Entrepreneurs

Featured user  
Narendran Ashok

As an aspiring Entrepreneur, who has been successful in my early stages on Collaborizm, I’d like to share a few tips with the aspiring Entrepreneurs within the community.

Find a Core Team

Finding a team on Collaborizm is easier than anywhere else. You want to take advantage of the social/creative atmosphere to build trust with potential teammates. Test out people’s personalities, discover hidden, similar interests, and most important, explore ideas with each other here. This is the most important thing you can do, find great people in a trustable way!

Focus on Laying out the Parts of Your Venture That You Feel Comfortable Expressing to the Community

  • Express a clear vision for your venture, talk about markets of focus, customer segments, and your overall business plan

Keeping Your Idea Safe Is Easy

  • You do not need to expose all of your idea publicly. Expose the parts of your project you need help on.

  • Expose the parts of your project you want feedback on. Don’t be too secretive, or you’ll never make any progress, and you’ll miss out on the global collaborative brain that Collaborizm provides Entrepreneurs.

  • If you don’t believe you’re the person to execute your idea – then you shouldn’t be pursuing it!.

See additional tips on protecting your idea here.

photo courtesy Techno Image

Tips on Working on Collaborizm Projects

Featured user  
John Rodrigues

I’ve been highly successful building my Projects/Dream ideas on Collaborizm Platform, so I wanted to share some Collaborizm tips with the community.

Building Projects

➡️️ Make sure to lay out your Project Story as richly as possible. Talk about your vision, end goals, milestone objectives, etc.

➡️️ Make sure to immediately begin outlining the step by step tasks in the way of getting to your bigger over arching objectives. You have to post an actual discussion post corresponding to each step in your Project. This way active team/community conversations can organically push each step of your Project forward faster/more effectively.


Good Starting Tasks to Post: Design Circuit Schematic, Come up with a parts list, Come up with a Budget, Design a Specific CAD design of robot, Come up with First Code Module, etc.
Bad: Build Robot, Code Everything, (wayyyy to vague)

➡️️ Make sure to start holding some of your core teammates responsible for certain tasks. Your core teammates should know what they are responsible for. This is how great things are built.

Check out a few of my Projects here Roombot -Room Cleaning RobotCoffee Bot

you can also check out Collaborizm’s Project Resource Center for additional tips.

The Coffee Bot. Built on Collaborizm. ☕

Featured project  
Coffee Bot

I can finally say my dreams have come true. No…Brad Pitt didn’t ask me out on a date, but the greatest invention of my lifetime has been created — the Coffee Bot, a robot that delivers coffee and can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Let’s say your boss asks you for a cup of joe, but you have tons of work to do and don’t want to get up and deliver it to him/her…that’s where the coffee bot comes in. Sure, you still have to actually make the coffee, but no more delivering the coffee like a lowly intern! Or, let’s say you know your co-worker is getting up from her desk to get some coffee, but you feel lazy and don’t want to get up — you simply tell your friend to pour you a cup of coffee and send it over with the Coffee Bot!

Don’t worry, the coffee bot doesn’t only deliver coffee around the office — I mean how boring would that be? — it can deliver letters, small packages, and anything else it’s able to hold on to with its cute little gripper, which is controlled from the user’s laptop.

A Little Coffee Bot History

The creator of the Coffee Bot is one of Collaborizm’s top users, John Rodriguez. John was inspired to create this project because he was fascinated by the idea of controlling a robot from his computer. Also, John loved the idea behind Collaborizm Founder, Steven Reubenstone’s, pizza drone (yes, a drone that delivers pizza) and was inspired to create a robot that could deliver something everyone loves, coffee. I cannot forget to mention Harsha Alva, who has also made tremendous contributions to this project.

Below is a video of the working prototype!!!

First Person View

The coolest feature of the Coffee Bot is that the person controlling it can see exactly where the Coffee Bot is going through a camera. So, when your coffee gets to delivered to its desired location, you can see the reaction of the person to whom you are sending the delivery! (Desired reaction is photographed above) In addition, the camera can be moved in multiple directions so that the Coffee Bot won’t bump into desks or chairs and therefore, won’t spill your precious coffee.

I don’t know about you, but once this product comes to market, I will be the first one to buy it. I can pair my laziness with more coffee — how perfect, right!?!

Getting Started with Collaborizm. The Right Way.

Featured user  
Sai Prasad

I joined Collaborizm a few months ago not really sure what to expect. I certainly had no idea it was going to change my life.

I decided to create this post to help other aspiring innovators from around the world take advantage of the creative universe that is Collaborizm.

What is Collaborizm?

Collaborizm is an online incubator and collaboration community helping like-minds from around the world explore ideas with one another.

(1) Bring a Project Idea to Life

List your vision. Lay out a clear project roadmap. And great things WILL start to happen for your Project.

What You Think Is Going To Happen?

  • I might get stuck.
  • I lack clarity on how to move forward.
  • I am short on funds.

What will happen?

  • You will meet amazing people that actually care and and will make legitimate efforts to help you (and it really works).

  • You will potentially find funding from the Collaborizm Innovator Fund if you work hard on your idea.

  • You will find a core set of teammates who will change your life forever.

Key Advice: Lay out your roadmap effectively. If you do this, great, great, great, things will happen.

(2) Joining Projects. Becoming a Teammate.

What You Think Is Going To Happen?

  • Not sure
  • Too big of a commitment (time)

What will happen?

  • It becomes fun. Time commitment can be done in a highly incrementalized fashion.
  • Meet amazing Project Leaders who are passionate about their vision
  • Engage in fun/creative discussions in Project Discussions and Team Chat
  • Help push projects forward in an incremental and highly collaborative fashion

(3) Contributing, Helping Others.

  • Contributing to the community is an excellent place to not only help others, but to open up new interests in your life you didn’t know were there.

  • Start building your credentials in the community by earning reviews like these shown here www.collaborizm.com/showcase

  • Get involved by commenting on different projects, helping out on tasks, EVEN if it’s minor. Start out by finding projects on www.collaborizm.com/discover or chiming in on activity happening in the global feed www.collaborizm.com/news.

Key Advice: Introduce yourself. Don’t be afraid to contribute what your mind feels is an addition.

Superstar Users – Moving up the Ranks on Collaborizm

  • Get project funding from the 💸 The Collaborizm Innovator Fund 💸 by actively progressing your project with the Community.

  • Start applying and tackling paid work on Collaborizm. (collaborizm.com/tasks/paid)

  • Use your Collaborizm Profile to apply for real jobs. (A bunch of top users have accomplished just this.)

  • Take your Project to Market and Beyond

Key Advice: Go for it. Dedicate your time to building your dream. Nothing should ever eclipse that. Even admissions 😉.

– Sai Prasad
Creator, Inventor, Hacker, Collaborizm User

New Project: A Wardrobe Makeover for Mountaineers: The Mark I Saviour

Featured project  
Mark I - Saviour

There’s one thing I’d never want to do, and that’s climb Mount Everest. I know that a lot of people would disagree with me because climbing Mount Everest is at the top of many (nutty) peoples’ bucket lists. So, for those people, the Collaborizm project I’m about to introduce will be very helpful!
The project I am referring to is called The Mark I-Saviour, a suit designed specifically for mountaineers. Now you may ask, aren’t there already suits for mountaineers?

And I, someone completely unfamiliar would say, yes I don’t know why they need another one! But what I and many other people don’t know is that current mountaineering suits are pretty incapable of withstanding the weather conditions presented while climbing, especially while climbing to the summit of Mount Everest. In addition, many suits do not even have tracking technology that would enable rescue teams to easily find a trapped climber.

In fact, the top of Mount Everest is actually called the death zone — pleasant right? What is most interesting however, is that most climbers die descending “the death zone”. During the descent, climbers are more tired, less coordinated, and perhaps less focused relative to when ascending the mountain. In addition, the lack of oxygen due to the high altitudes, severe weather conditions, and extreme temperatures makes “the death zone” more dangerous to descend than lower altitude points.

These tragic statistics inspired Top Innovator, Jitto Varghese, to create the Mark I-Saviour, a suit designed to better handle the rough conditions confronted while mountaineering, such as an avalanche.

The Mark I-Saviour

Jitto and his team brainstormed the most critical aspects to improve the efficiency of the mountaineering suit and came up with the design above that should include the aspects listed below:


Due to Jitto’s organization, passion, and dedication to this project, the Collaborizm Innovator Fund, which has raised over $11,000, selected to sponsor The Mark I-Saviour project!
While I may not be planning to climb Mount Everest anytime soon, the Mark I-Saviour will certainly be an incredible product to those who decided to take on that adventure.
Keep on climbing! (Make sure you wear the Mark I-Saviour though 😉)

You Don’t have to be an Astronaut to go to Space

Remember the movie, October Sky, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Cooper? If you haven’t seen October Sky, you’re really missing out because that movie was amazing — it made you laugh, cry, gasp, and most importantly, it made you wonder.

The story is set in a poor coal mining town in West Virginia and chronicles the trials and tribulations of a group of young boys who aspire to “make it out” of their poor town by trying to win science scholarships to college. The boys, lead by Jake Gyllenhaal’s character — Homer — build homemade rockets and tirelessly attempt to build one that will actually go vertically airborne for more than two seconds and not blow up. After about one hundred tries, it finally happens, and the boys receive scholarships to college, enabling them to rise above their supposedly predetermined life paths of becoming coal miners.

The reason I bring up this movie is because, as I said above, it makes you wonder “what if I could do something like that too?”. The message of that movie — that anything is possible — closely resembles the passion encompassed in the Collaborizm project entitled, Space Glider. This project is an Arduino-powered space glider made to take pictures of the earth. With funding from the Collaborizm Innovator Fund, the team — led by sheikh azam — is now creating an android app to control the glider.

On the left, is a preliminary sketch of the glider. On the right is the first physical prototype. It may not look like a lot (and excuse the flowered table cloth), but that’s an actual piece of hardware that could be put into space, and was created by a team of people who live no where near one another — that’s the beauty of a virtual workspace.

What is most incredible is that once the project is complete, you will be able to see what the glider is recording from the comfort of your home since the feed will be live.

So you can wear this:

To watch this:

Not bad, eh?

The 2D RPG Game Pushes Forward. 🏆

Gamers everywhere remember the video games, Super Mario Brothers and Contra, because they immersed you in their fantasy worlds by throwing tons of in-game hazards at the players (need I mention Bowser?), and required players to complete specific tasks to make it to the next level. You might notice that I never mentioned that these games had especially amazing graphics, because they did not — see below — but that didn’t stop Super Mario Brothers from becoming the best-selling game of all time for a single platform for almost three decades…

The State of Gaming Today

Last I heard, video games were supposed to provide some form of interactive entertainment between a player and his/her computer screen/tv/what have you. Recently though, video games have become less about playing and more about looking; developers of today’s most recent games focus too much on making games look pretty instead of creating games that are actually fun to play. That is why Elvis Rozario took it upon himself to create a game that is visually pleasing, but more importantly, fun to play.

The Future

A programmer and gamer himself, Elvis’ vision is to create a 2D rogue-like video game similar to The Binding of Isaac on Steam, and he is doing so by leveraging the Collaborizm community. The project currently has seven members, each working on the game’s development and design. Below are actually two possible character designs.

A rogue-like game is not complete without tile-based graphics, which allow developers to “create large, complex gameworlds efficiently and with relatively few art assets” (Wikipedia). The team is already on its third iteration of their tile-based graphics which you can see here:

The Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest developments in the gaming world right now is the Nintendo Switch, the seventh gaming console released by Nintendo. With experts predicting that indie game developers will be using Nintendo Switch, it seems like a no-brainer for Elvis and his team to port their video game over to this console.

The Takeaway

Yes, this game still has a ways to go before we can actually play it, but why not join the project so that you can give your own ideas on how to create the best 2D rogue-like game. Elvis, the project leader, is looking for programmers, designers, musicians, and thinkers —If you’re reading this blog, I’d say you probably fit one of those categories.
That’s all for now. Game on! 🎉🎉🎉

The Innovator Fund -- Things We Look For in Top Innovators.

$15,100 Raised and Counting!

✏️️ Projects showing clear step by step roadmaps expressed in their Project Story and Project Outlines.

🔧 Projects actively working on tasks with the community. And Projects showing progress being made incrementally based on the steps laid out by their teams.

➡️️ Projects actively showing healthy team-work, as well task delegation to core team members.

🤖 We want to help projects once they are ready to purchase parts and/or build their prototypes.

To Get Started

Start a Project
Find Teammates
Start working on your first task – and show our team what you can accomplish!

Collaborizm Featured in The Times of India 🙌 🏆

Featured user  
Steven Reubenstone

Though a lot of hard work and passion from the Collaborizm Community, we have been recognized by one of the biggest publications in the world: The Times of India!

Collaborizm continues to strive to connect all the undiscovered innovators positioned around the globe!

You can check out the article here.

Collaborizm Winter Hackathon '17 Winners Are In!!!!!

This was an AMAZING Winter Hack!! We thank you all for your incredible efforts and submissions.

1st Place: $225: Coffee Bot

  • and a Letter of Rec. Written by Collaborizm’s CEO
  • and a 20 Min. Career Guidance Skype Call with Collaborizm’s CEO
  • and a 4 month long Collaborizm Virtual Internship

2nd Place: $100: Collaborizm Hack Box

  • and a Letter of Rec. Written by Collaborizm’s CEO
  • and a 20 Min. Career Guidance Skype Call with Collaborizm’s CEO
  • and a 4 month long Collaborizm Virtual Internship

3rd Place: $50: Hunt Drive Hackathon

  • and a Letter of Rec. Written by Collaborizm’s CEO
  • and a 20 Min. Career Guidance Skype Call with Collaborizm’s CEO

Winners please reach out to me directly on DM

Notable Mentions:

These users can also reach out to me directly. I am happy to offer career coaching, help with sponsorship, and letters of recommendation’s if necessary. 😃

sms or internet controlled keyboard of computer

Collaborizm Importer for WordPress

Node Bot

Mian Waqar Hussain's submission.

How Elon Does It.

Featured project  
Space Carrier

Elon Musk, the famous industrialist, entrepreneur, and Founder of SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal, and Solar City, has a story all Entrepreneurs must learn from: Dream Big, But Execute Even Better.

I am intentionally posting this #Inspiration on the Space Carrier Project because it is a perfect example of Dreaming Big, but demanding the ability to Execute Even Better.

Entrepreneurs must start with a big vision, but possess the patience, motivation, and discipline, to piece together the microscopic steps to achieving their macroscopic goals.

When Elon Musk sold PayPal, he had a dream to immediately start working on one of his life goals: to put humanity on Mars. What was his first step? Was it to design his space ship? Was it to design a space carrier to get to Mars? No. What Elon did was remarkable. He flew out to Los Angeles, to the home of US Space Aviation – and found Tom Meuller – a rocket propulsion expert who built toy rockets for fun. Tom and Elon were able to test out propulsion systems in the early days on these tiny rockets, before they moved to bigger, and bigger systems.

Elon was able to incrementally build towards his vision (over 10 years), and it all started with a toy rocket (that had a propulsion system)…I guess it’s better to call it a “mini”-rocket.

Execution, and realistic plan of action, step by step, drawn out, is what separates the good entrepreneurs from the great ones.

So on this Space Carrier Project…and others alike…that dream big…but lack great execution plans…the Collaborizm Team and Community is here to help you put together that plan. But it starts with the Project Leader.

Project Leaders! Draw up your plans of action. And then we can help you accomplish your dreams.

– Steven Reubenstone
Founder & CEO

Grow Your Career. It Starts with a Contribution.

Featured project  
Collaborizm Tech

Help out others. Receive Community Reviews for your help. Use your Collaborizm Profile to apply for paid work on and off Collaborizm.

Looking to develop your career? Looking to gain experience as you begin to make your transition from graduating college to entering the workforce?

Well, it starts with one contribution. 🤖 💡 🎨

By contributing to new projects, tasks, questions, and ideas in the community, you will earn reviews from the Collaborizm Community, which testify to your skills in your respective fields. As users earn contributions, their resumes grow, and users become eligible to tackle freelance work.

Contributions (and your Collaborizm Profile as a whole) can, and should, be utilized as an official resume and/or CV, for applying to new jobs, internships, and continuing education.

Where else can you hack and build your career at the same time? Here. On Collaborizm. 😃

Harsha Alva @Collaborizm @World

Super Mario Game Finds Sponsorship

Featured project  
Mario Reboot

The Mario Remake Game, one of the most impressive Projects on Collaborizm, continues to impress. Launched last week – all Projects on Collaborizm have the ability to now raise money through Project sponsorship. Anyone on the internet and beyond can now support our project leaders with real, hard cash.

The Project has successfully found 2 backers, and continues to push forward with character designs. Collaborizm continues to hope to provide extraordinary value its project leaders and innovators alike.

An Authentic Freelance Relationship

Steven Reubenstone has been working with Harsha for the past 2 weeks on developing one of his dream projects, Hacking The Mixpanel API with Arduino UNO.

The project aims to use IoT tech/hardware to develop a device relevant to all business owners around the world: An LCD which displays a business’s key metrics in real time, wirelessly, on your desk!

It not only is a fasincating technological idea, that leverages many different layers to pull data from the web over to the 'Duino and/or Pi, but it also has commercial potential. I do honestly see many business founders being interested in purchasing a device like this for their desks, if it is fashionable, as much as it functional. A suped up paper weight of sorts.

I really want to stress the POWER of integrating freelance capabilities on Collaborizm. No where else can you form relationships as authentic as the ones formed on Collaborizm, and actually get work done with trusted teammates and freelancers, all in one spot, while always having access to the greater Collaborizm Community to brainstorm feedback.

Harsha Alva displayed nsane backend, front end, IoT, Arduino, and everything in between skills shown on this contribution. Harsh tackled this paid task with speed, clarity, and incredible intelligence. Not only did Harsha build out a full system from scratch (you can see the details in the thread) by architecting a way to tap into the Mixpanel API build a middle man webserver and pass the data live to our Arduino wirelessly, he was also able to adapt to some serious issues faced with hardware limitiations, and used outside of the box thought process to STILL make it work. Looking forward to continuing to build this creation with Harsha.

Back End Development
Arduino Uno
Front End Development

John Finds Full Time Work on Collaborizm

Featured user  
John Rodrigues

One of our favorite and most talented young users, John Baptist Rodriguez, got a full time job by participating, contributing, and showing off his skills on Collaborizm. Take a look at his profile – nowhere else can he show off not only his incredible design, musical, and artistic skills, and also point to his ability to work with new teammates in an effective fashion.

Collaborizm was able to showcase his leadership, passion, and diverse skill set, as well as his creative hunger, through the unique contribution structured profile “resume” that users create on Collaborizm. If you don’t know already, a contribution is a review added by another trusted user in our community that testifies to the skills and interpersonal qualities of that user.

As a result, John was able to get a full time job at a local Engineering company in Pune, India, by showcasing a variety of contributions and reviews to the employer. Ask him all about it yourself! 😃

Sandhan Builds a Wall E Robot

Featured user  
Sandhan Sarma

Sandan has successfully pushed forward his The Wall-E Project with the help of his teammates on Collaborizm. A variety of teammates joined his Project, shared their ideas, provided mentorship, and helped push forward the Wall E so that it is now a partially living 3D Design that has been animated and simulated by the designers and engineers on his team.

People from over 12 different countries are participating, and more than 5 major contributions have been made to the project. Collaborizm continues to prove that is unique recipe of passion and commercial based work, when fused together in this fashion, can dramatically enhance the potential for how things are created online.

Roombot Dramatically Improves on Collaborizm

Featured project  
Roombot -Room Cleaning Robot

The Roombot Hits 3 Milestones with the Community

John Rodrigues is a super duper talented mechatronics engineer, artist, and designer. He brought his budling project The Roombot on Collaborizm. Within days of posting his Project, the Collaborizm Community helped John upgrade the code architecture on his Roombot, advance the functionality of the robot, design a business plan, and a logo. Check it out here.

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