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January 12th - February 21th, 2017

Collaborizm Winter '17
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Top Earners

$ 382
John Rodrigues
Mechanical Design Engineer |Founder of designwithjohn.com
Honnavar, India
John Rodrigues here I am a Mechanical design Engineer and a certified professional in product design
Conceptual Art
Product Design
3D Printing
Arduino Uno
Mechanical Design
$ 484
Tejas Ozarkar
Nashik, India
I'm Android Developer and robotics enthusiast.
Mobile Development
Web Development
Arduino Uno
Backend Practices
$ 687
Harsha Alva
Mechanical Engineer + Software Dev
Mangaluru, India
Mechanical Engineer, Programmer, Android and Web software developer.
Visual Studio
RC Modelling
3D Printing
Raspberry Pi

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Nj Paust
Seattle, U.S.
Non techy person wanting to create a predictive daily stock price prediction app.
Deepak Kumar
Bengaluru, India
Consumer Electronics
Embedded Systems,
Team Building
Srikanth Bongoni
Hyderabad, India
Ton Moy
EEE student
Dhaka, Bangladesh
I want to learn about eee projects
Nidheesh Dileep
Chalakudy, India
Priyankur Dey
Electrical Engineer
Bhubaneswar, India
I am studying in electrical engineering in KIIT UNIVERSITY and now I am in 2nd year.

Success Stories

Roombot Dramatically Improves on Collaborizm

Featured project  
Roombot -Room Cleaning Robot

The Roombot Hits 3 Milestones with the Community

John Rodrigues is a super duper talented mechatronics engineer, artist, and designer. He brought his budling project The Roombot on Collaborizm. Within days of posting his Project, the Collaborizm Community helped John upgrade the code architecture on his Roombot, advance the functionality of the robot, design a business plan, and a logo. Check it out here.

The Nepal's Light Makes an Impact

Featured project  
Nepal's Light

Over $10,500 raised from over 365 backers

Thank You Collaborizm community for all of your incredible help, passion, and support!

One of the most successful projects on Collaborizm is “The Nepal’s Light”, a solar-powered charger & light invented by a young Nepali engineer named Madindra Aryal to aid the survivors of last year’s devastating Nepali earthquake.

The light allows Madindra’s neighbors to recharge their mobile phones (they don’t have landlines) and provides them with a source of light at night. There are 100 teammates in this project, helping Madindra improve his invention. To raise money to pay for the improvements and to build more of these devices, Madindra launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign with a $10,000 goal.

Nepal’s Light has captured the attention of news outlets worldwide, with stories about it in The Kathmandu Post, The Memo (a U.K. periodical) and Fast Company (See the Fast Company article: http://bit.ly/2aWIsz9). All of this positive publicity helped the campaign but a YouTube video released last week by a French documentary filmmaker named Cyrus North — who has over 170,000 YouTube followers — dramatically raised the profile of the campaign.

Cyrus had been planning to film a documentary in Nepal, and serendipitously for Madindra, stumbled upon Nepal’s Light while searching online for stories about Nepal. Cyrus was so moved that he decided to feature Madindra in his documentary (See here: https://youtu.be/S19XRRR-dF0).

French Documentary Film Maker, Cyrus North, covers The Nepal’s Light.

We are pleased to report that Cyrus’s profile of Nepal’s Light in his documentary has helped spike donations to over $8,000 from nearly 400 backers.

Nepal earthquake survivors’ suffering has been alleviated by The Nepal’s Light. Please help Madindra achieve his $10k fundraising goal, and thereby allow him to improve and deliver more lights to his neighbors. There are 10 days left in the campaign; if you’re interested, you can donate here: http://bit.ly/2aHcMgI.

— Collaborizm Project Team

Sandhan Builds a Wall E Robot

Featured user  
Sandhan Sarma

Sandan has successfully pushed forward his The Wall-E Project with the help of his teammates on Collaborizm. A variety of teammates joined his Project, shared their ideas, provided mentorship, and helped push forward the Wall E so that it is now a partially living 3D Design that has been animated and simulated by the designers and engineers on his team.

People from over 12 different countries are participating, and more than 5 major contributions have been made to the project. Collaborizm continues to prove that is unique recipe of passion and commercial based work, when fused together in this fashion, can dramatically enhance the potential for how things are created online.

Successful $25 PID Gig Completed for Arduino

With teammates from 14 different countries actively participating, the Arduino Fan Powered Delivery Car is one of the more impressive stories emerging on Collaborizm.

Over ten people have come together, led by Faiz Ur Rehman to begin developing a PID driven Fan Car. Though it may sound funny, and it is a learning project with no deep applications (yet) there are sophisticated engineering principles involved.

This project has hit a Major Milestone by successfully mapping out the PID system and mathematics, as well as successfully coming up with the software to filter out signal noise pollution coming from the accelerometer on the Arduino.

This specific milestone was accomplished through a paid task that Faiz Ur Rehman helped tackle.

We continue to prove that the coupling of passion based and commercially based (freelance) collaboration, on one platform, is an equation to dramatically enhancing humanity’s creative potential!

Tejas makes $200 freelancing on Collaborizm

Featured user  
Tejas Ozarkar

Pizza Drone CAD Gig Success.

Tejas Ozarkar is a rockstar developer and Robotics CAD Engineer. He was able to to apply his in demand CAD skill set to a Project on Collaborizm, the Arduino Pizza Drone, which needed a CAD Design of its coffee cup gripper done within 24 hours. Check out his work!

An Authentic Freelance Relationship

Steven Reubenstone has been working with Harsha for the past 2 weeks on developing one of his dream projects, Hacking The Mixpanel API with Arduino UNO.

The project aims to use IoT tech/hardware to develop a device relevant to all business owners around the world: An LCD which displays a business’s key metrics in real time, wirelessly, on your desk!

It not only is a fasincating technological idea, that leverages many different layers to pull data from the web over to the 'Duino and/or Pi, but it also has commercial potential. I do honestly see many business founders being interested in purchasing a device like this for their desks, if it is fashionable, as much as it functional. A suped up paper weight of sorts.

I really want to stress the POWER of integrating freelance capabilities on Collaborizm. No where else can you form relationships as authentic as the ones formed on Collaborizm, and actually get work done with trusted teammates and freelancers, all in one spot, while always having access to the greater Collaborizm Community to brainstorm feedback.

Harsha Alva displayed nsane backend, front end, IoT, Arduino, and everything in between skills shown on this contribution. Harsh tackled this paid task with speed, clarity, and incredible intelligence. Not only did Harsha build out a full system from scratch (you can see the details in the thread) by architecting a way to tap into the Mixpanel API build a middle man webserver and pass the data live to our Arduino wirelessly, he was also able to adapt to some serious issues faced with hardware limitiations, and used outside of the box thought process to STILL make it work. Looking forward to continuing to build this creation with Harsha.

Back End Development
Arduino Uno
Front End Development

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