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Tejas Ozarkar
Web & Android/Mobile Developer and Robotics Guy.
Nashik, India
I'm Android, Web Developer and robotics enthusiast.
Mobile Development
Web Development
Arduino Uno
Backend Practices
Nouman Tahir
Mobile and iOT Applications Developer
Sargodha, Pakistan
A passionate applications engineer who love writing codes for mobile world of Android, iOS and iOT. Also engaged into real world robotics.
Raspberry Pi
Harsha Alva
Mechanical Engineer + Software Dev
Mangaluru, India
Mechanical Engineer, Programmer, Android and Web software developer.
Visual Studio
RC Modelling
3D Printing
Raspberry Pi

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Nurettin Cengiz
İstanbul, Türkiye
JuniØrx Khan
Islamabad, Pakistan
Ahmed Shafeek
Alexandria, Egypt
CS student seeking internship , Loves Coding and problem solving
Computer Science
Lovepreet Singh
Engineering Student
Kota, India
Shaurya Singh Thakur
Moradabad, India
Web Development
Web Design

Success Stories

Roombot Dramatically Improves on Collaborizm

Featured project  
Roombot -Room Cleaning Robot

The Roombot Hits 3 Milestones with the Community

John Rodrigues is a super duper talented mechatronics engineer, artist, and designer. He brought his budling project The Roombot on Collaborizm. Within days of posting his Project, the Collaborizm Community helped John upgrade the code architecture on his Roombot, advance the functionality of the robot, design a business plan, and a logo. Check it out here.

Grow Your Career. It Starts with a Contribution.

Featured project  
Collaborizm Tech

Help out others. Receive Community Reviews for your help. Use your Collaborizm Profile to apply for paid work on and off Collaborizm.

Looking to develop your career? Looking to gain experience as you begin to make your transition from graduating college to entering the workforce?

Well, it starts with one contribution. 🤖 💡 🎨

By contributing to new projects, tasks, questions, and ideas in the community, you will earn reviews from the Collaborizm Community, which testify to your skills in your respective fields. As users earn contributions, their resumes grow, and users become eligible to tackle freelance work.

Contributions (and your Collaborizm Profile as a whole) can, and should, be utilized as an official resume and/or CV, for applying to new jobs, internships, and continuing education.

Where else can you hack and build your career at the same time? Here. On Collaborizm. 😃

Harsha Alva @Collaborizm @World

Sandhan Builds a Wall E Robot

Featured user  
Sandhan Sarma

Sandan has successfully pushed forward his The Wall-E Project with the help of his teammates on Collaborizm. A variety of teammates joined his Project, shared their ideas, provided mentorship, and helped push forward the Wall E so that it is now a partially living 3D Design that has been animated and simulated by the designers and engineers on his team.

People from over 12 different countries are participating, and more than 5 major contributions have been made to the project. Collaborizm continues to prove that is unique recipe of passion and commercial based work, when fused together in this fashion, can dramatically enhance the potential for how things are created online.

How Elon Does It.

Featured project  
Space Carrier

Elon Musk, the famous industrialist, entrepreneur, and Founder of SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal, and Solar City, has a story all Entrepreneurs must learn from: Dream Big, But Execute Even Better.

I am intentionally posting this #Inspiration on the Space Carrier Project because it is a perfect example of Dreaming Big, but demanding the ability to Execute Even Better.

Entrepreneurs must start with a big vision, but possess the patience, motivation, and discipline, to piece together the microscopic steps to achieving their macroscopic goals.

When Elon Musk sold PayPal, he had a dream to immediately start working on one of his life goals: to put humanity on Mars. What was his first step? Was it to design his space ship? Was it to design a space carrier to get to Mars? No. What Elon did was remarkable. He flew out to Los Angeles, to the home of US Space Aviation – and found Tom Meuller – a rocket propulsion expert who built toy rockets for fun. Tom and Elon were able to test out propulsion systems in the early days on these tiny rockets, before they moved to bigger, and bigger systems.

Elon was able to incrementally build towards his vision (over 10 years), and it all started with a toy rocket (that had a propulsion system)…I guess it’s better to call it a “mini”-rocket.

Execution, and realistic plan of action, step by step, drawn out, is what separates the good entrepreneurs from the great ones.

So on this Space Carrier Project…and others alike…that dream big…but lack great execution plans…the Collaborizm Team and Community is here to help you put together that plan. But it starts with the Project Leader.

Project Leaders! Draw up your plans of action. And then we can help you accomplish your dreams.

– Steven Reubenstone
Founder & CEO

John Finds Full Time Work on Collaborizm

Featured user  
John Rodrigues

One of our favorite and most talented young users, John Baptist Rodriguez, got a full time job by participating, contributing, and showing off his skills on Collaborizm. Take a look at his profile – nowhere else can he show off not only his incredible design, musical, and artistic skills, and also point to his ability to work with new teammates in an effective fashion.

Collaborizm was able to showcase his leadership, passion, and diverse skill set, as well as his creative hunger, through the unique contribution structured profile “resume” that users create on Collaborizm. If you don’t know already, a contribution is a review added by another trusted user in our community that testifies to the skills and interpersonal qualities of that user.

As a result, John was able to get a full time job at a local Engineering company in Pune, India, by showcasing a variety of contributions and reviews to the employer. Ask him all about it yourself! 😃

Super Mario Game Finds Sponsorship

Featured project  
Mario Reboot

The Mario Remake Game, one of the most impressive Projects on Collaborizm, continues to impress. Launched last week – all Projects on Collaborizm have the ability to now raise money through Project sponsorship. Anyone on the internet and beyond can now support our project leaders with real, hard cash.

The Project has successfully found 2 backers, and continues to push forward with character designs. Collaborizm continues to hope to provide extraordinary value its project leaders and innovators alike.

An Authentic Freelance Relationship

Steven Reubenstone has been working with Harsha for the past 2 weeks on developing one of his dream projects, Hacking The Mixpanel API with Arduino UNO.

The project aims to use IoT tech/hardware to develop a device relevant to all business owners around the world: An LCD which displays a business’s key metrics in real time, wirelessly, on your desk!

It not only is a fasincating technological idea, that leverages many different layers to pull data from the web over to the 'Duino and/or Pi, but it also has commercial potential. I do honestly see many business founders being interested in purchasing a device like this for their desks, if it is fashionable, as much as it functional. A suped up paper weight of sorts.

I really want to stress the POWER of integrating freelance capabilities on Collaborizm. No where else can you form relationships as authentic as the ones formed on Collaborizm, and actually get work done with trusted teammates and freelancers, all in one spot, while always having access to the greater Collaborizm Community to brainstorm feedback.

Harsha Alva displayed nsane backend, front end, IoT, Arduino, and everything in between skills shown on this contribution. Harsh tackled this paid task with speed, clarity, and incredible intelligence. Not only did Harsha build out a full system from scratch (you can see the details in the thread) by architecting a way to tap into the Mixpanel API build a middle man webserver and pass the data live to our Arduino wirelessly, he was also able to adapt to some serious issues faced with hardware limitiations, and used outside of the box thought process to STILL make it work. Looking forward to continuing to build this creation with Harsha.

Back End Development
Arduino Uno
Front End Development

The RC Car Story

Featured project  
Remote Controlled Sensor Car

Project Leader Pruthvi Av came on Collaborizm hoping to build her dream project, a Remote Controlled RC Car. She successfully formed a team, and found contributors in the community to help her set up the preliminary designs for the Project. Her efforts, enabled the Collaborizm Community, to sponsor her Project with funding enough to source parts for final assembly of her Project! Now the Project is alive, and continues to innovate it’s design on Collaborizm!

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