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Success Stories

Collaborizm Success Stories - DemandTrans

Featured user  
Steven Reubenstone

Leveraging Technical Guides

Collaborizm Technical Guide Robert Lancer gave transportation logistics company DemandTrans a new look at micro service unification. A mind numbingly complex back end was translated and unified in under 2 weeks by thinking outside the box and leveraging cutting edge tools (graphQL).

Hiring Specialist Teams

5 developer team, organized by Technical Guide, Robert Lancer, skilled in GraphQL, executed on the gameplan.

Driving in Community Feedback

Engineers in the Collaborizm Community chimed in on recommendations for GraphQL libraries.

Collaborizm Success Stories - Intry

Featured user  
Steven Reubenstone

Leveraging Technical Guides

Collaborizm Technical Guide, Jaikishan J. created a gameplan to efficiently synchronize Intry’s artificial intelligence framework with their backend application – while meeting an extremely tight timeline.

Specialist Teams

A 3 developer team was formed from the Collaborizm Talent Pool consisting of 3 fullstack node.js developers who possessed AI experience.

Taking in Community Feedback

Intry’s CEO was able to do robust product testing without raising a finger. UX Specialists and the global community came in and tested multiple onboarding workflows, all for a modest budget.

VALTRACK-V2 GPS Chip Designed on Collaborizm

Featured project  
Valtrack-V2 GPS tracker

Blog link : http://www.raviyp.com
This video is a demonstration video of my Low cost GSM/GPS tracker for Bikes and motorcycles. Here you will see how the device sends live tracking data which can be viewed on Google maps with a simple Javascript application connected to device using Deepstream Websockets and HTTP API.

Collaborizm Pro Freelance Program Brings Bucketlist iOS to Life

Featured user  
Steven Reubenstone

The Entrepreneur Behind the Idea

Derek Drama, a lawyer and an entrepreneur from New Jersey, dreamt of building an application that would help people to complete all of the items on their “bucket lists”. Derek’s background is in law and therefore he needed assistance in building the app software. Luckily, Derek knew of the Collaborizm Pro Freelance program and its prototyping capabilities, and therefore decided to try it out for his Bucket List project.

Collaborizm Pro Services Steps In

After posting his project to Pro Services, Derek received numerous submissions from freelancers who were eager to work on Bucket List. In the end, Derek selected the highly talented, Harsha Alva, to be his freelancer. By the time Derek selected Harsha, he knew with 100% certainty that he was the correct freelancer for the job since he was able to witness Harsha leading his own teams and interacting with his teammates in real time on Collaborizm. AKA, Derek was able to see how Harsha acted as a leader and team player before committing to pay him to work on Bucket List.

Working with Community Navigators, Harsha, and the greater Community to Prototype Smarter

Together, Derek and Harsha broke up Bucket List into smaller “gigs” to more easily monitor the project’s progress. After each gig, Derek was able to review Harsha’s work before moving to the next task. If for any reason Derek was displeased, he could have had Harsha re do the work at no cost or simply received a full refund, but of course this never happened . The Collaborizm community was also able to give feedback on the best ways to complete the project through public discussion posts made my Derek to the community.

How to Get Started

It may seem like magic, but Collaborizm Pro Freelance is real. In this example above, a person with no technical expertise was able to see his dream project come to fruition with Collaborizm Pro Freelance. So, if you are like Derek, a non techy with a software dream, Or you’re a tech genius who just needs an extra freelance brain to help on your project, then post your job here on Collaborizm Pro Freelance.

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