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Tejas Ozarkar
Web & Android/Mobile Developer and Robotics Guy.
Nashik, India
I'm Android, Web Developer and robotics enthusiast.
Mobile Development
Web Development
Arduino Uno
Backend Practices
Nouman Tahir
Mobile and iOT Applications Developer
Sargodha, Pakistan
A passionate applications engineer who love writing codes for mobile world of Android, iOS and iOT. Also engaged into real world robotics.
Raspberry Pi
Harsha Alva
Mechanical Engineer + Software Developer
Mangaluru, India
Mechanical Engineer, Programmer, Android and Web software developer.
Visual Studio
RC Modelling
3D Printing
Raspberry Pi
John Rodrigues
Mechanical Design Engineer |Founder of designwithjohn.com
Honnavar, India
I am a Mechanical design Engineer and founder of designwithjohn.com. Dream-Plan-sketch-design-prototype-repeat
Conceptual Art
Product Design
3D Printing
Arduino Uno
Mechanical Design
Sai Prasad
Software Dev :) Let's build some dream ideas.
Bhubaneswar, India
Love to play with circuits, code and develop new technologies to make life easier, wonderful and fun. Cheers!!
Circuit Design
Raspberry Pi

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Success Stories

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Featured project  
The Collaborizm Innovator Fund

Fantasy World Build

Arduino Bluetooth Car

Augmented Reality Education App

These were the Collaborizm Innovator Fund’s selections of the week. These Projects demonstrated great activity, leadership, and focused direction to push their ideas forward.

Want to find investment in The Collaborizm Incubator? --> Then Learn From The Best. Check out the progress made by our Fundees of the Week.

The Coffee Bot. Built on Collaborizm. ☕

Featured project  
Coffee Bot

I can finally say my dreams have come true. No…Brad Pitt didn’t ask me out on a date, but the greatest invention of my lifetime has been created — the Coffee Bot, a robot that delivers coffee and can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Let’s say your boss asks you for a cup of joe, but you have tons of work to do and don’t want to get up and deliver it to him/her…that’s where the coffee bot comes in. Sure, you still have to actually make the coffee, but no more delivering the coffee like a lowly intern! Or, let’s say you know your co-worker is getting up from her desk to get some coffee, but you feel lazy and don’t want to get up — you simply tell your friend to pour you a cup of coffee and send it over with the Coffee Bot!

Don’t worry, the coffee bot doesn’t only deliver coffee around the office — I mean how boring would that be? — it can deliver letters, small packages, and anything else it’s able to hold on to with its cute little gripper, which is controlled from the user’s laptop.

A Little Coffee Bot History

The creator of the Coffee Bot is one of Collaborizm’s top users, John Rodriguez. John was inspired to create this project because he was fascinated by the idea of controlling a robot from his computer. Also, John loved the idea behind Collaborizm Founder, Steven Reubenstone’s, pizza drone (yes, a drone that delivers pizza) and was inspired to create a robot that could deliver something everyone loves, coffee. I cannot forget to mention Harsha Alva, who has also made tremendous contributions to this project.

Below is a video of the working prototype!!!

First Person View

The coolest feature of the Coffee Bot is that the person controlling it can see exactly where the Coffee Bot is going through a camera. So, when your coffee gets to delivered to its desired location, you can see the reaction of the person to whom you are sending the delivery! (Desired reaction is photographed above) In addition, the camera can be moved in multiple directions so that the Coffee Bot won’t bump into desks or chairs and therefore, won’t spill your precious coffee.

I don’t know about you, but once this product comes to market, I will be the first one to buy it. I can pair my laziness with more coffee — how perfect, right!?!

#Robots #Robotics

Why The World Needs an Emerging Market Incubator 🌍

Featured project  
Collaborizm Tech

How can we reshape the planet? It’s a question I always ask myself. How can we remake what’s already been made, as makers, and innovate a process that for so long has been neglected at its core? That core, that specific nucleus, is the nucleus of creation.

The Markets

With the largest surplus of technical talent coming from emerging markets (specifically India, soon to be the most populous country on the planet), the dramatic shifts in work-life balance the world will witness as the majority of workers levitate towards freelance (gig) based work, and the tremendous deficit of tech talent in the West, the world must have answer for more efficiently creating a global workplace of the future.

This being said it’s important to highlight that a freelance focused workforce, is a more effective workforce (thereabout dramatically more effective) because it leverages things like:

  • Harnessing workers micro-skills
  • Creating more efficient schedules for workers
  • Focusing workers on more passion based initiatives where they are more motivated to focus and get work done (believe it or not, Forbes predicts this point alone to pump additional billions of dollars of added efficiency back into the economy).

Major Inefficiencies Today

  1. Millions of minds relevant to your ideas and work, who can provide valuable contributions to your ideas are never harnessed
  2. It’s extremely inefficient to pursue your passions
  3. We work on things we don’t care about

What are the Prerequisites of this solution?

  1. It must enable the pursuit of passion
  2. It must enable gig based work to coexist side by side with passion based work
  3. It must bring about a dramatically higher surface area to the feedback potential of any idea

What is the optimal form of this solution?

A) An online incubator focused on Emerging Markets where different minds can work together openly

B) An online incubator focusing on connecting its users (emerging market technical talent) to the deficit of tech talent in the West**

C) An online incubator whereby ideas are not hidden from others – they are shared – and amplified by a global brain

D) A unique type of global incubator where a global entrepreneurial confidence can come to fruition – so that although every individual can benefit one another – each individual can maintain belief that they are the only ones to execute on their purpose – and core ideas…thus removing the medieval concepts of “stealing of ideas”. (IP can be protected, ideas, really, should not be.)

Getting Funded in The Collaborizm Incubator 💸

Featured user  
Shalini Sundari

I came into Collaborizm with my dream idea – an IoT Learning application for young students, called KiDRINO–>ARDUINO+KIDS. I had no idea what to expect, I was even a little intimidated at first.

But I was motivated to build my dream idea, and I was impressed with all of the activity occurring within the community. So I gave it a shot, and great things happened for me. I feel obligated to share this with newcomers to the community. 😃

Kickstarting Your Efforts

Make an effort to fill out your profile – show who you are to the community – so people are interested in working with you.

Post Your Project and start uploading sketches, ideas, roadmaps, anything to get things moving.

Start talking to potential teammates in Collaborizm Discussions, even begin to explore ideas with the greater community (which is a lot of fun).

DONT be too sensitive about hiding your ideas. Or you’ll get nowhere.

Finding Funding

The 💸 The Collaborizm Innovator Fund 💸 has been constructed to aid the most active and promising Projects in the Collaborizm Community.

What The Fund is Looking For

✏️️ Projects showing clear step by step roadmaps.

🔧 Projects actively working on tasks with the community.

➡️️ Projects actively showing healthy team-work and task delegation.

If you focus on these things, you can guarantee yourself you’ll be successful here. Get your vision out there, show the community progress, find a few core teammates, and you’ll be off to the races 🏆.

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