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Success Stories

Collaborizm Featured in The New York Times

Featured project  
Collaborizm Tech

We are honored to have been featured in The New York Times today alongside a bunch of our top users. Radical to see John Baptist Rodrigues Narendran Ashok Madindra Aryal featured. Power Collaborizm Leaders showing the world they are the very real deal of a new generation of creators, entrepreneurs, and builders from around the world.

Get. Your. Team. Online. Let's Hack.

Featured user  
Steven Reubenstone

Project Leaders, Teammates, Contributors, Collaborizm Community. We have an amazing opportunity to leverage real time communications newly implemented on Collaborizm to hack online with our teammates.

Check out this amazing teamwork on The Voice Controlled Robot. This to me is the power of Collaborizm enabling users to work together across the world, in real time, on their projects.

  • Set a “Hack Hour” for your project each week.
  • Agree to a time
  • Log in – and hack in a live discussion thread

Extraordinary things will happen – I promise.

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Collaborizm Featured in Quartz India

Featured project  
Collaborizm Tech

A virtual incubator is helping India’s untapped engineers share their love for all things tech.

Check out this awesome piece covering Collaborizm as an incubator!!

Fund Selection of the Week: The Smart Urine Glucose Sensor

Featured project  
The Collaborizm Innovator Fund

Congratulations to our selection of the week! THe Smart urine-glucose sensor. This is a remarkably brilliant invention. We hope to find you more and more funding over the next couple of months, as well as success with the development of the product.

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